Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Al B Sure Thanks Fans for Their Support

Last week Al B. Sure's son Al Jr. stunned his fans after announcing his father had been in a coma for the past two months [click here if you missed that].

Al B thanks his fans for their prayers and support...


Ella M Nopea said...

He was about to spill tea on Kim right before he went into a coma.

Anon said...

He's a Muslim now????

R in NYC said...

He's been going through it. I wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

A clone. That look nothing like him
Its so sad :( I hope the real Al is ok

Anonymous said...

2 months in a drug induced coma? Does he also positively have a House In Virginia like Kim Porter did and Diddy does?

Anonymous said...

No conspiracies. As people get olde, health issues arise, life changes called Living.
Please no conspiracy theories, illuminate crap, or anything about Kim P.
Maybe its diabetes, heart issues, long COVID blow back...who knows, but Im tired of the relentless video pity parties.
Where's is Al's wife, partner, ...that part?
Religion is a great source of strength but where your other half in all this Mr. Lover Boy?
Enjoy your day and stay healthy

Anonymous said...

Al had weight loss surgery so that's part of the change in appearance.

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting with my Carmel flavored Crunch a Munch popcorn for the Tea.

Anonymous said...

Black people are obsessed with conspiracy theories, while their own lives are in shambles. Those who spread them without researching the facts, sound so ignorant. Al was struggling with extreme health issues well before he discussed anything about Kim's death. He decided to have weight loss surgery because of his health and then he had other issues. It would have only taken 5 minutes to go to his IG and see that, instead of saying he was getting ready to spill something about Kim. SMDH! One had absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Anonymous said...

Stay in a fog @2:58pm
Al is the 1 that wrote "cryptic" allegations
HE (not the public) was the ONE, who
MADE the conspiracy allegations
If you was truly following him for
the last decade, you would know
this @2:58pm

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