Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Brandy Reprises Her Role as Cinderella

Brandy will reprise her role as Cinderella for the next Descendants movie...

From EW
Brandy will reprise her role as Cinderella, which she first played in Walt Disney Television's beloved 1997 version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, in the newest installment of the Descendants movie franchise.
The actress and singer will journey to the fantastical kingdom of Auradon in The Pocketwatch, a bold new story that will take audiences through the rabbit hole to the hostile, unincorporated territory of Wonderland, a mysterious place made famous in Alice in Wonderland.
Along with Brandy, Rita Ora has been cast as the tyrannical Queen of Hearts. The two join a cast that also includes China Anne McClain, Dara Reneé, Ruby Rose Turner, Morgan Dudley, and Joshua Colley. Fan favorite Melanie Paxson will reprise her role as Fairy Godmother from previous Descendants movies.


Anonymous said...

Not that she looks old but it's time for her to be the great Auntie. No shade 😉

Anonymous said...

Why are grown women slapping what appears to be mini hair wings upside their foreheads? Somehow it aint cute, even with baby hair. Leave that to baby's and kids.

Anonymous said...

If this chick is not telling us what Whitney wrote on that note she can have many sits
She couldn't even lie n say the note was for rj to give to the dealer this bird says nothing like we didn't see it on TV 🤣🤣

Anonymous said...

Nice baby hair. I guess.

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