Friday, November 25, 2022

Brandy Settles Lawsuit with Former Housekeeper

Back in March R&B singer Brandy was slapped with an age discrimination and unlawful termination lawsuit by her fomer maid [click here if you missed that].

Brandy and the maid have settled...

Brandy Norwood reached a settlement with her ex-housekeeper and agreed to pay $40k to end the battle, has learned.
According to court documents obtained by, the 5-figure deal was revealed as the housekeeper’s lawyers are demanding an additional $87,445 in attorney fees.
Castaneda demanded in excess of $250k but settled for $40k. “Lipeles Law Group was able to secure a $40,000 settlement for our client within 6 months of filing the complaint,” the firm wrote.
Brandy denied all allegations of wrongdoing and said the housekeeper was never an employee but an independent contractor.
Now, Castaneda’s law firm has demanded $87k to cover the legal fees in the case. They said they had the majority of their firm working on the case and spent a substantial amount of time on it.
“[Castaneda’s] counsel only seeks a fair recovery for the time, risk, and effort spent in representing its client and now seeks an award of attorney's fees and costs in the amount of $87,445.89” the filing read.


Anonymous said...

$40K is good for 2 days of work. I’m kind of with Brandy on letting her go if it was because of her age. 60 years old vs a younger person who can do more work in a day is more suitable. I’m sorry the lady felt she was discriminated against but that’s how it is. I’d personally feel bad having someone working for me at that age. She might have a stroke or something while cleaning. Brandy’s house is kind of big. Hmmm, I don’t know. She’s better off in a smaller house to maintain.

Anonymous said...

You sound extremely crazy,

Anonymous said...

She got her pension money.

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