Thursday, November 03, 2022

Nipsey Hussle Child Custody Battle Continues

Back in March the mother of late rapper Nipsey Hussle's teen daughter filed a motion to terminate the guardianship agreement she signed giving Nipsey's family primary custody of her child [click here if you missed that].

Nipsey's family is contesting the request...

According to court documents obtained by, Nipsey’s brother Sam, sister Samantha and mother Angelique is asking the court to deny a request by the musician’s ex-Tanisha Foster.
They point out she admitted to issues with substance abuse and alcohol in 2019.
This was confirmed by Nipsey’s sister Samantha and a Children’s Social Worker named Rosa. The admission was included in a Probate Investigator’s Report that was filed with the court.
The investigator recommended that Tanisha not be appointed guardian due to alleged issues with alcohol, being unemployed at the time and having no stable housing.
The family said while Tanisha may now have stable housing, they say she still remains unsuitable to act as guardian of Emani’s estate.

The case is ongoing.  


Anonymous said...

After seeing how she moves if her kid did not come with a hefty monthly payment how hard would she fight for her. Young lady been living with them her whole life.

Anonymous said...

Look leave the kid where she is at. Right now we gotta figure wtf happened to Take.

Anonymous said...

Folks(family) are always looking for coins and clout.

Anonymous said...

Let the daughter decide at age 18.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you fail to properly take care of a situation. Nipsey had primary custody, but he never got the child's mother to sign over her parental rights.

As long as the child's mother has parental rights, the courts will entertain her until it is proven that she is an unfit mother. The family is not fighting over the child, they are fighting over the money that comes with the child. This is going to be a long and messy battle.

Anonymous said...

The family is touching plenty of coins I'm sure of it, they have a young lady in their midst that has become a part of there every day lives she is well adjusted and acclimated to her school friends and social life why now? the childs mother is doing the whole Mo'nique from precious she needs to focus on her sobriety and rebuilding her life spending more time with her child is probably what she needs to do and in time she can handle parenting and so on but now she is chasing coins and is going to drag the child thru all kinds of drama instability and disfunction, child is best left alone for now coins are not worth ruining the child's life just to be hood famous wearing the latest and greatest stepping out of something foreign thats hoodrat sh!t this is a childs life

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