Thursday, December 15, 2022

Ex-Husband Accuses Mel B of Bizarre Behavior In Child Custody Fight

Back in October Mel B accused her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte of violating their child custody agreement [click here if you missed that]. 

Stephen fires back accusing Mel of exhibiting bizarre behavior in front of their daughter...

From Radar Online  

According to court documents obtained by, Stephen requested the hearing to discuss Mel's alleged drinking and other concerning behavior.
Stephen said he wants a court order where Madison can have her own private phone, privacy to make her call to him without Mel around, and an order that Mel’s other daughter Phoenix cannot access Madison’s phone.
Further, he wants a court order prohibiting Mel from being under the influence or alcohol or other substance “which substantially impairs her ability to care for Madison” during her custody time with their kid.
“In many of Madison’s communications with [Mel], [Mel] is demonstrably intoxicated, slurring her speech and speaking in the distinct manner in which [Mel] speaks when intoxicated,” the filing read. “This has gotten to the point where Madison has felt the need to call [Mel] out.”
Stephen also wants the court to order Mel to not expose or present herself naked in Madison’s presence, “including but not limited to, entering Madison’s bathtub, walking around her without underwear, or attempting to sleep in the same bed naked with Madison.”
He said Madison told him about an incident in November 2022, where had previously “[Mel] inappropriately entered Madison’s bathtub naked and, on several occasions, ‘cuddled’ naked with Madison, ‘spooning’ her, in the same bed [Mel] shares with her partner. Putting aside the unexplained nature of [Mel’s] conduct and the need for further inquiry into Madison’s concerns.”
Further, he said, “when Madison complained before about [Mel’s] habit of working around the home with no underwear, and with her privates exposed, [Mel] reacted by laughing and continued to do so.”
In his filing, Stephen said Madison is at a “breaking point” with her mother and accuses his ex of other “bizarre behavior.”
He claims Madison “is in a state of panic and utter refusal to see her mother.” He revealed their kid is set to visit Mel in the UK later this month and he wants specific rules enforced, including the private cell phone.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mel wants him to get a JOB and quit being a BUM.

The King Of The Real said...

Imagine the stalking bum being the rational one

R in NYC said...

Maybe she has bizarre behavior because his abuse made her that way.

Anonymous said...

He wants that phone so he can call his daughter, and tell her to leave it on, somewhere hidden around her mama, to be all up in Mel’s business. Dude has control issues.

Anonymous said...

I hate that I'm siding with this money grubbing trash bag of a man but he's right for once. Mel needs to get her sh*t together, give her daughter some privacy, stop walking around the house with her body parts showing and be respectful. Above all, go to rehab and leave the booze alone.

Anonymous said...

He's taking a play out of Kevin Fedderlines playbook by taking video from the kids to use against the mom. Disgusting

Anonymous said...

I meant to say if the child gets the private phone.^^^

Anonymous said...

I Know He's Missing That PUMPUM!☹️

Anonymous said...

@7:19 You got it! Setting the mom up along with gaslighting her.

FlyGemini said...

WTF? They still in court over this child? This child should be damn near grown now!

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