Friday, December 09, 2022

LaTocha Scott Sister Wife Confirms End of Rocky Bivens Romance

Last week Xscape lead singer LaTocha Scott's husband got put on blast by his alleged pregnant side chick Unykue Foucha [click here if you missed that]. 

Unyke sets the record straight...

...proving happy side chicks never talk, Unyke tells her followers that being with Rocky is NOT what she wants. 


Anonymous said...

Why not protect yourself from getting pregnant by a married man then? What a bird!
Did you think you were going to get some financial gain? Either way, you disgraced yourself while he is looking like the clown he is.

R in NYC said...

This woman is all kinds of dumb. She should have kept all this foolishness to herself. She had ulterior motives but didn't get the reaction she hoped for.
Now she don't want him....blah, blah, blah.
She's as stupid as the spelling of her name.

J.Swindell said...

Yes!@ 12:47. If she was named Uniqua (Ol girl from New Jack City), that would make a little more sense... though not much.

Not sure if this is a front for her to save face but there's one lesson to be learned here. When a married man gets a girlfriend, he becomes a shape shifter. Meaning whatever gf likes, he will change up to force a believable level of compatibility. Depending on what's on the table, this can go on for years. From what I've seen in my many years on Earth, few men (and some women) leave their spouse. However, the ones that do often go back to being themselves with little regard for the gf that was told to hush or listened to them complain about the wife. So, if the husband chooses to stay, it's best to control that narrative away from social media.

Anonymous said...

I knew a lady who dated , moved in with, and had a child by a married man who had been living away from his wife for years but never divorced. The man's wife cheated and he moved out and that's how she met him living alone.Long story short, he went back to his wife and left the woman and child to fend for themselves. Don't pick up another woman's trash even if he's living by himself because there is a such thing as divorce.

Anonymous said...

Not only a homewrecker, but a liar too. They usually go hand in hand. If you will lie, you will cheat. If you will cheat, you will steal. Then you lie and say you didn't none of the above. Now you broughta child in this mess. And I'm going to add, a selfish liar cheater and thief Girl bye

Anonymous said...

Latocha husband is a dustie having affairs with anybody that looks cute to feel good about himself. What a loser! Him and the stupid hoe.

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