Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Lil Wayne sued by His Former Personal Chef

Earlier this year rapper Lil Wayne was sued by his former personal assistant for wrongful termination [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Weezy's former chef is suing for the same thing...

From TMZ
Morghan Medlock just filed suit against Weezy for what she claims is wrongful termination, retaliation and a number of unlawful practices that she says she was subjected to when he canned her earlier this year ... just because she went to go help her injured son.
According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Medlock describes a trip to Vegas she tagged along for during Memorial Day weekend -- for which she says she was doing her job (AKA, cooking all LW's meals, etc). At this point, Medlock says she'd had the gig almost 2 years.
Things were going swimmingly, that is ... until Medlock says she was notified of a head injury her 10-year-old had sustained that left him hospitalized. Obviously, Medlock wanted to get back to L.A. ASAP -- but claims Wayne and co. were screwing up the flight back over shenanigans ... namely, that Weezy allegedly delayed things by toking up on the aircraft.
Instead of standing around and waiting for them to get their act together, Medlock says she hightailed it out of there on a separate flight -- notifying Wayne's assistant of the situation and assuming they'd understand. Instead, she claims she was terminated.
Medlock says after she left, Wayne's team kept asking her if she was quitting -- to which she says she clearly responded, "No." After her son was dealt with, Medlock says she tried getting back into the swing of things as head chef -- but claims she got the cold shoulder.
Eventually, Medlock claims somebody on Wayne's team texted her an ungraceful goodbye message, and she was later formally told she was being let go ... with a message from Wayne saying, "tell Chef Morghan this isn't going to work" -- or so she claims in the suit.
She says her firing is in violation of CA law -- to fire someone because they missed work to care for their sick or injured child, and she wants at least $500k from Wayne for the injustice.


Anonymous said...

Can he even afford her services?

R in NYC said...

He doesn't even looks like he eats. He's mainly existing on weed and lean.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, how does that law apply in Vegas? And does it apply to this employer?

Anonymous said...

He needs to hit the Mc D's, take a toke off the ole bong and call it a day. Wayne don't know nothing about cuisine. That phat chic he's calling a fiancée is not missing one meal. She can cook for him since she is eating everything in the house.

Anonymous said...

How can she cook for him? Just looking at him makes me want to vomit.

Dee said...

Girl you cant be working for him doing tiktoks showing his private jet, letting the world knows how and when he is traveling. Her whole tiktok page is filled with "Im cooking this for LW, I'm setting up LW jet, this is what Im doing for LW today.... and think you're NOT going to get fired. Her whole tiktok is about showing what she's doing for LW. Girl bye

Anonymous said...

Dee - unless she signed that specifically in the NDA and / or was warned, that is not a fireable offense. But I hear you. Why clout chase when you are in the fold?? Sit down, shut up and cash your checks!

Kedarbenjudah said...

Chef Medlock,,,,,,,,,California is a right to work state.

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