Monday, December 12, 2022

R. Kelly Album Release was Unauthorized

Last week a 13 track R. Kelly album called "I Admit It," dropped on streaming platforms before being quickly deleted [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out the album was bootlegged and Kellz is upset about his music being released without his permission...

From TMZ
R. Kelly's criminal defense attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, tells TMZ the disgraced singer's lawyers, entertainment attorneys and trusted friends are all trying to get to the bottom of who currently has access to his music catalog. She says they have a small group of people who they've ID'd as culprits ... but notes a potential problem could be his material changing hands.
Bonjean says she spoke with R. Kelly Friday afternoon -- he was surprised and upset about the music's release without his permission.
Bonjean tells us stuff like this has been a reoccurring issue for R. Kelly ... claiming a bunch of studio equipment, computers and masters were taken shortly after his 2019 arrest. She says there's also been an issue with his calls and emails being stolen from prison.


Anonymous said...

He's upset? Poor guy! I wonder if he's nearly as upset as the women he's victimized over the years?

R in NYC said...

He deserves whatever turmoil he's going through right now.

Anonymous said...

First he said it wasn’t him singing. That it was a poor imitation of him. Now he’s saying ok, yeah it was it was him, but it was stolen and released without his permission. Jail has taught him nothing, he is a psychopath.💯 he is right where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

He know he told pookie to release those songs. Stop playing.

Anonymous said...

So that the victims get paid; I say let him keep the music coming

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