Tuesday, January 31, 2023

R. Kelly Charges Dropped in Chicago

Back in November R. Kelly survivor Jerhonda Pace warned that Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx was preparing to drop the charges filed against him [click here if you missed that]. 

Yesterday Fox made the announcement...

From Fox 32
Four years after filing underage sex charges against R&B superstar R. Kelly, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx announced on Monday she is dropping the case.
Foxx said she couldn't justify spending the time and manpower to go to trial now that Kelly has been convicted twice on federal charges.
"Sometimes justice is served even when there is no conviction," Foxx said, adding that prosecutors will go to court Tuesday and ask a judge to drop the charges against Kelly.
In February 2019, Foxx filed 10 counts against Kelly for having sex with four underage girls and taping some of the encounters. The charges came in the wake of the documentary series, "Surviving R. Kelly."
After that series aired, Foxx pleaded with accusers to come forward so that prosecutors could pursue charges. She announced the Cook County indictment months before the federal cases in New York and Chicago. Foxx's office alleged he repeatedly sought out girls for sex, including one he encountered at her 16th birthday party and another who met him while he was on trial in 2008.
But now that Kelly has been convicted on similar charges by federal prosecutors in both Chicago and New York, Foxx said it no longer makes sense to put him on trial on state charges for the same crimes.
"Due to the extensive sentences that these convictions hold, our office has decided not to continue to expend our limited resources and court time with the indictments we previously charged Mr. Kelly," Foxx said.
Kelly is already serving a 30-year prison sentence for the federal case in New York and will likely receive a similar term when he's sentenced in Chicago next month.
Based on the New York sentence alone, the 56-year-old won't be eligible for release until he is around 80.


Anonymous said...

The truth is on the record. No reason for to put these victims through one more trial. Let them start to heal.

Anonymous said...

BS. This is BS and a BS legal system. E was NEVER guilty of messing with under age girls. The girls were NOT under age.

Anonymous said...

I understand why the DA has decided not to prosecute, however instead of dropping the charges, they should have had him plead guilty. To many dropping charges is a sign of his innocents, when in reality he is very much GUILTY.

Anonymous said...

Wow 80 years old. Kells is not just trapped in the closet, he's trapped in a cell.

Anonymous said...

you better hope the other convictions are not overturned, think cosby technicality. If they are overturned the Chicago charges cannot be brought back

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