Friday, February 03, 2023

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Finalize Divorce

Last year former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate Cynthia Bailey filed for divorce from her second husband Mike Hill [click here if you missed that]. 

The divorce is now final...

According to court documents obtained by, the judge finalized the case on January 5. He approved the marital settlement agreement that was submitted by Cynthia and Mike.
Further, the order read, “[Cynthia] and [Mike] in the future shall be held and considered as separate and distinct persons, altogether uncontested by any nuptial union or civil contract whatsoever, and both shall have the right to remarry.”
The court documents revealed the couple did not share bank accounts of even file taxes together. They agreed to keep their separate property including the homes they own.
Per their agreement, Cynthia and Mike will not pay spousal support to the other nor will they request any in the future if circumstances change in their life.


bkNY said...

Good riddance. Would love to see Cynthia explore spinning the block with Peter even for a storyline.

Anonymous said...

That is out of the question @9:38.
Who in the heck wants that old swindling simp. I want her to not be so desperate for a man and just let it happen. She's a good woman.

I still want know what's up with him. I still feel like he cheated or was about to cheat. Some adult men never mature into man hood.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike give me a holla. wink wink

Anonymous said...

Kudos to people that don't waste money on lavish weddings.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia will never find a good black man, there ain't any.

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