Thursday, February 16, 2023

Michael Jordan Donates $10 Million to Charity

Michael Jordan, the one of the most requested Make-a-Wish celebrities makes a record breaking donation to the organization...

To celebrate his 60th birthday Michael Jordan donated $10 million to make sure more many more wishes come true.

The Make-a-Wish foundation grants wishes of critically ill children.


Anonymous said...

Whatever, man.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he made a lot of money last year and needed a tax deduction. Not feeling much for him.

The King Of The Real said...

tax write off

Gg57 said...

Yall are so slow.

ANY donation from a wealthy person is most likely a tax write off.
Get your broke behind off the couch and make your own money and maybe you will understand

Anonymous said...

^ you are slow for making comments behind my comment. Don't you have an original post of your own. Simpleton.

Anonymous said...


Are you dumb? Do you not know how a comment section works? You just did the same thing he/she did.

Anonymous said...

It's not like regular folks can make this kind of tax deduction. Sounds nice to me.

Anonymous said...

Was this supposed to distract the masses from his son’s terrible choice in women? Probably not. Really soiling the family name with this kind of gossip. Now everyone will associate Larsa nasty @ss to his legacy.
‘Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T but what’s even crazy is his son is bumping ugly with his former right hand man’s on the court/boy, Pippen’s ex lady! Lol!’

Marcus needed some attention since he couldn’t live up to the Jordan name with actual talent.

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