Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Nicki Minaj Sucker Punch Lawsuit Heats Up

Last year the head of a German security firm filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty claiming Zoo sucker punched him after a fan was able to run on stage during Nicki's show [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the accuser is seeking nearly $1 million in damages...

According to the documents, obtained by The Blast, Thomas Weidenmuller stated that he was working as head of security for Nicki’s 2019 concert in Frankfurt, Germany. That was the show where a fan hopped up on stage, surpassing the bodyguards and Nicki didn’t like that.
The docs said the “concert-goer breached a security barricade dividing the audience from the stage and was able to get on stage while Minaj was performing. In obtaining access to the stage, the concert-goer bypassed a female security guard stationed at the stairs leading to the stage.”
A newly filed court doc obtained by The Blast now puts a dollar amount on the damages and it’s a shocking $753,958.51
The security guard claimed in the original filing that Nicki was unharmed but ultimately overreacted.
“The concert-goer did not cause harm to any other person, nor did he damage any property during or after his limited time on stage. He simply danced on stage to the music. He did not attempt to, and did not actually, make any physical contact with Minaj while on stage.”
The security guard claims that after the show, Nicki, Kenneth, and a few people from her entourage confronted them. he was uncomfortable because the group was a “substantial” amount of people.
They recalled that Nicki and her crew were “irate during this confrontation and screamed at the female security guard that she was a f—ing bitch and accused her of having put Minaj in physical danger. During the confrontation, the female security guard was in tears and apologized to Minaj.”
Although she apologized, Nicki wasn’t happy and insisted on another apology but this time, she pulled her phone out to record it. She pushed the security guard to “tell Minaj’s fans, via the recording, that she failed to do her job and put Minaj in danger.”
Nicki then pulled her shoes off and “threw” them at the security guard, but missed. For Weidenmuller, the assault took place when he was summoned backstage by Petty who then approached him with two other bodyguards and he and Nicki proceeded to yell insults at him and accused him of being in some kind of entanglement with the female bodyguard, which he denies.
“Without warning, Petty PUNCHED Weidenmuller from the side and made contact with the right side of [his] face.”
The security guard claims that he spent ten long and painful days in the hospital after feeling immediate extreme pain after Petty struck the first blow. He stepped aside to get away but he was also disoriented.
“After two or three minutes, and under the belief that his jaw was broken, Weidenmuller turned the corner again, returning to the location where Petty hit him.” The police were then called and an investigation was launched.


R in NYC said...

They are both gutter trash so this is not shocking.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the E! True Hollywood story of how Nicki went broke and lost her career for a rapist, criminal jailbird lol smh.

Anonymous said...

Boy if the last name Petty doesn't represent this fool properly. They really need to sit down.

Anonymous said...

This was not right! From now on have her husband and his friends be the security.

Anonymous said...

Wait, why isn't the female security guard suing? Emotional distress, hostile working conditions, verbal abuse? Both of them should be suing those fools, not just the guy who got hit.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter that the fan just danced, he shouldn't have been able to get up there, BUUUUT you can't go around berating and punching people. He should get the money. You can run things like you gansta without dealing with these kinds of consequences. You're gonna have to pay up.

On another note, I don't know why stars use the venue's security. I always thought stars used their own. If it was me, I would have a team and that group would be my security at all places accept, maybe Award shows.

Anonymous said...

They should be banned from the country.

Anonymous said...

He always standing and holding her from behind in photos, doing that broke man cuddle…😒

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