Sunday, February 26, 2023

T.I. Trolls Boosie After He No-Shows for Paperwork Party

This week rapper T.I. invited his former friend, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz, to pull up for a 'paperwork party' to prove he didn't snitch on his cousin, despite admitting he did, after Boosie canceled their joint album over the allegations [click here if you missed that]. 

Last night Boosie didn't show up T.I. felt some kind of way about it...

T.I. held court at his resturant 'Trap City Cafe' with his paperwork in hand ready to prove it innocence.

T.I. even stalked Boosie in his comment section on Instagram calling him out for not showing up.


WGforreal said...

Agreed. Protect the CRIMINALS, wtf????

Vernell said...

TIP is CAP!!! HE Said That He SNITCHED On His Dead Cousin, HE Started The Conversation. Plus That Paperwork Looks Awful Light, 4 Pages! He Needs To Bring ALL The Transcripts Of The Interviews To Really Prove His Point. His Government Name Should Be On Every Page, (With the aka,s included on the 1st page), The Charge, Arrest & Indictment Are Never Done In The Alias Name! TIP Is Running A Con, With Bait & Switch Proof At His Paperwork Party. Who Makes 'I Snitched' Jokes On The Dead??

The King Of The Real said...

T.I. needs to give it up. He offered that information and we all believe it. No one thinks you are now telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid.

Anonymous said...

This fake beef is so dumb and ignorant. I thought Tip doesn’t care about what anyone has to say or thinks about him, yet goes on a “I’m not a snitch” campaign.

Any why is Boosie coming out with this beef with TI, now? Hadn’t this story already come & gone? No one cares about your little joint album — who asked for it??

NEWSFLASH: T.I: Everyone already knows you’re a snitch & a gov’t informant.

The things these washed up rappers have to do for social media relevancy is sad & ridiculous.

OT: Who’s advising TI on these braided hairdos he keeps popping up with?? He used to be pretty attractive. Now, much like Snoop, the drugs & alcohol have ravaged his good looks. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

TI is giving Butt Hole Boosie too much attention. Hes not worth it.

Unknown said...

I agree - let this snitching sht end here. T.I - wit all his faults - has had more of a positive impact than nuccas who act like Bootsie. Dude ain't pull up - so what? Fck street credibility when our neighborhoods are in shambles smdh

Anonymous said...

Boosie said "he is religious"
His family is religious...lolll
I laughed so hard I spit my coffee out!

Anonymous said...

8:02 a positive impact??? A long track record or drugging and having his way with women...with his wife?? Okay

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