Friday, February 10, 2023

Trey Songz Battery Lawsuit Refiled

Last year a sexual battery lawsuit filed against Trey Songz was dismissed because the Jane Doe accuser waited too long to file [click here if you missed that]. 

Jane has refiled the suit adding Atlantic Records and music exec Kevin Liles...

A Jane Doe has refiled a $25 million suit against the singer, his record label and manager over claims that the 38-year-old raped her in 2016
Trey Songz has been hit with a new $25 million lawsuit stemming from a previous sexual assault accusation, according to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone. The suit also names the R&B singer’s label Atlantic Records, manager Kevin Liles and 300 Entertainment as defendants, claiming the parties should be held responsible for the singer’s actions.
The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles on Thursday, is linked to a sexual battery lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe last February against the 38-year-old (real name Tremaine Neverson) over claims he sodomized the woman during a party in March 2016
Doe’s new suit also names Atlantic Records, Liles and his 300 Entertainment label as defendants, arguing that by continuing to have a working relationship with Neverson and overseeing his career, they “are responsible in some manner” for Neverson’s behavior.


Anonymous said...

She is hoping for a payoff. She knows she isnt getting 25 mil she is just aiming high because thats what lawyers tell you to do. She'd probably disappear for 1 mil and some change.

I guess Trey is gonna sell his catalog next...

Anonymous said...

I hope that she receives justice.

Dee said...

I'm with @12:13. All this smoke surrounding him for years is not for nothing. Fire is surely nearby. He keeps getting off on technicalities.

Anonymous said...

Industry had allowed these lock door parties where if you aren't down they are doing anyway.

While on tours labels have paid off victims for decades, I remember this story where the victim was down to do the artist after they were done his manager came in the room when he went into the shower. Road Mgr brutally raped the girl artist came out and stopped him.

Gave her a payment but it was brutal and covered up

Anonymous said...

Obviously he has a pattern.

Anonymous said...

I have been at parties where you could feel the vibe changing. Unless you were smart enough to get out quickly anything might happen. The industry uses money to cover up unspeakable acts. We need to support the women strong enough to file suit.

Anonymous said...

He must be making somebody lots of money. People will likely protect their cash cows and favorites from facing punishment, even when warranted.

Shout out to Dee Barnes for speaking truth to power.

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