Monday, February 06, 2023

Viola Davis Reaches EGOT Status

Last night Viola Davis won the Grammy Award for "Best Audio Book" for her memoir “Finding Me” making her a rare winner of an Emmy, an Oscar, a Tony and a Grammy...

Viola Davis won an Emmy Award for "How to Get Away with Murder" an Oscar for "Fences" and two Tony Awards for “King Hedley III” and “Fences.”



Unknown said...

I still say these awards are brought and paid for by the artist's management / PR firm, but, Viola is one of the rare artists that actually deserves her acclaim. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Have been giving Viola the side eye ever since she mis-represented Michelle Obama in the First Ladies series with that scrunchy look on her face, but I'm here for this.

Congrat's to a very good and hard working actress.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Thats why they probably awarded her
By her making a "subtle" mockery of
1st black 1st lady
Its like Halle Berry getting 1
Mo getting 1
Denzel getting 1 (when he played drug dealer)
Some actors for supporting roles in slave movies
I know this not the Oscars
But when they allow a black person to
reach a certain status award wise
Its for a price
She is a hard worker though and is very talented
But I dont care
I just dont trust hollyweird as far as "integrity"

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have no grace. Viola knocks it out the park 99.9% of the time and because of one bad review she's deserves a side eye for "subtle mockery"? The First Lady liked her performance so get over it.

Congratulations, Viola!

Anonymous said...

Viola is beautiful and brilliant. She deserves everything she gets.

Anonymous said...

@8:59AM ..... 99.9%? LOL.

I guess you didn't hear what Viola said about her role in THE HELP.

No one is perfect. Not even Viola. Glad she got the award because she deserves it, but even she will get the side eye when she fails Black women.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t like her performances in the First Lady show either. That perched mouth was very annoying. I do like Viola and glad she got this status

Anonymous said...

I love that dress!

Anonymous said...

I am proud of all of our ppl when they exceed in their careers. It's long overdue. We keep letting them have it every year because these Award shows are sooooo Whitewashed with yt's that get awards that they don't deserve.
For example: Harry Stiles is so overrated. I don't understand his music, vocals or appeal.
This is the first year in a long time that I felt like I seen some black talent. Stevie and Smokey gave me what black excellence really is. The 3 second performances of the Hip Hop 50yr celebration was good too. Outside of that it would have been another Yt show.

What I am really upset about was MJ and all her edges being dyed blond. All these years of wearing wigs and lace fronts have snatched her hairline back the to the future. Love you Marry but damn reclaim your edges gurl.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand her acting most of the time, and why can't she get a good make up artist? Her and Serena stay with the ugly makeup.

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