Friday, February 03, 2023

YSL Defendants Accused of JailHouse Stabbing

Last year more than a dozen alleged YSL gang members, including rappers Young Thug and Gunna, were arrested in Atlanta in a wide ranging RICO indictment [click here if you missed that]. 

Now three of the defendants have been accused of stabbing an inmate during a jailhouse brawl...

Three men currently standing trial as part of a sweeping gang indictment are now facing new charges.
Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat confirmed to Channel 2′s Mark Winne that Christian Eppinger, Rodalius Ryan, and Damone Blaylock are now being accused of stabbing a fellow inmate inside the Fulton County Jail.
The victim’s condition has not been released. Authorities have not released details on when the attack happened or what prompted it.
Eppinger, Ryan, and Blaylock are three of 14 defendants currently standing trial as part of the indictment against hip-hop superstar Young Thug’s alleged gang, YSL. Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is also standing trial.
In addition to the YSL gang charges, Eppinger has also been charged with shooting an Atlanta police officer six times in February 2022. Officer David Rodgers was trying to arrest Eppinger, a known gang member, on outstanding warrants of robbery and aggravated assault when he began firing shots at the officer.
Officer Rodgers survived his injuries.


Anonymous said...

There should be a time in your life when you realize that thugging gets you no where. Their thuggish mamas passing dope in a court room knowing the law is right there is very crazy and ignorant. SMH

Anonymous said...

They'll be there for a while.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Yung Thug's friend that was on camera giving him percs right in front of his lawyer and police. That was a guy I saw on camera. But either way it was so stupid and with stabbing ppl in jail will mos def not help your case. They will use the behavior in jail to prove their point and show what they're capable of. The whole situation is ghetto and could've been prevented. Why can't young black men just take their success and move away from the crime and act like they got some sense. This is exactly why nobody take us seriously because we don't take ourselves seriously. Therefore, they will keep helping us kill each other smh! Take your success and wealth and get out the way. Money doesn't put you above the law! " Still Nigga"

TRACI404 said...

There are people who are the Devils children. Regardless of race or creed.
They are just evil.

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