Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Travis Scott Cleared in Battery Case?

Last week rapper Travis Scott was accused of punching a sound engineer in the face and causing $12,0000 worth of damage at a club in New York [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the club owner claims the incident was blown out of proportion...

Travis Scott, the 30-year-old rapper and record producer who recently split from Kylie Jenner, is no longer expected to meet with the NYPD, along with his attorney, Tuesday in connection with a confrontation at a Manhattan nightclub last week that involved a punch and thousands of dollars in damage, News 4 has learned.
The rapper, whose real name is Jacques Bermon Webster II, had been sought for questioning in the chaos at Club Nebula on 41st Street in the pre-dawn hours. A sound engineer told police he and Scott got into an argument and Scott punched him in the face.
NYPD sources said the engineer had no visible injuries at the time he filed the report, nor did he complain of pain.
The owner of Club Nebula said in a statement that "this is blown completely out of proportion. It was a great night."


Anonymous said...

He paid.

Anonymous said...

@11:47 exactly he doesn't need any of this to get out or be true because of all the lawsuits he has since his concert in Texas killed all those people.

Anonymous said...

^^^ 11:47, 11:54 straight facts

Anonymous said...

I think this grown man is special needs but ain’t nobody saying nothing. Either that or there is some fetal alcohol syndrome effects here. He does not move like a normal cognitive adult man. IJS

Anonymous said...

The club doesn't need or want bad press.

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