Monday, April 03, 2023

New Judge Mathis Show Secures Distribution

Last month The Judge Mathis Show was taken off the air after twenty-four years, and quickly acquired by Byron Allen [click here if you missed that]. 

The new Judge Mathis show has just inked a wide release distribution deal...

“Mathis Court With Judge Mathis,” the newest court series from Allen Media Group (AMG) has secured a massive wide release ahead of its fall 2023 debut, earning 90% distribution clearance across syndicated markets.
“We at Allen Media Group are proud to add ‘Mathis Court With Judge Mathis’ to our amazing portfolio of court shows,” Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group, said in a statement. “Judge Greg Mathis is an outstanding, charismatic, and iconic television host, and we are extremely confident that our eighth and newest court series with Judge Mathis will be very successful for years to come as he joins our outstanding roster of talent.”


Anonymous said...

I’m watching.

Anonymous said...

Two Black Men working together. Great.

Anonymous said...

Do the nobody care about this fool.

Kedarbenjudah said...

This I like Byron Allen is doing excellent things the Judge needs to be heard and seen and now it shall be.

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