Tuesday, May 23, 2023

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Run the Brooklyn Half Marathon Together

Last year it was rumored that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach began their notorious workplace affair while training for the New York City Half Marathon together for a Good Morning America segment [click here if you missed that]. 

Over the weekend Amy and TJ completed the Brooklyn Half Marathon in New York City...

From The Sun
AMY Robach was seen with TJ Holmes' ring around her neck, which shows a sense of youth and pride in their relationship, a body language expert has revealed.
The pair were pictured together during the Brooklyn Half Marathon in New York City on Saturday, but their toned figures weren't the only thing they were flaunting.
As Amy, 50, and TJ, 49, both posed with peace signs and smiles at the finish line, they showed that "they're proud of being a couple," body language expert Patti Wood exclusively told The U.S. Sun.
The pair hasn't landed new gigs after being pulled from Good Morning America 3 and being ousted by ABC following their reported affair.
However, Wood said: "They're happy being identified as a couple," adding that "they're not shamed about it."
The two were wearing similar outfits as they crossed the finish line. Amy was in a pink top and black leggings while TJ was sporting black shorts and pink shoes.


Anonymous said...

Still no job offers. Hi stupid.

Anonymous said...

I know they are use to running. That’s pretty symbolic

Anonymous said...

They need to do a News YouTube channel.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LiteSkin Training Her To Go 1/2 ..

Anonymous said...

Lawd. This will not end well for their careers

No Chiraq said...

He looking for more a$$

Anonymous said...

Nothing else to do i guess… Run.

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