Thursday, July 27, 2023

Lebron James Liquor Exec Involved in Viral Las Vegas Brawl

Earlier this month an insane cat fight inside a Las Vegas hotel lobby went viral on social media.

Turns out one of the brawlers is an executive at LeBron James' new liquor company...

A viral brawl inside a Las Vegas casino was sparked by a senior executive at LeBron James's tequila company when she came face-to-face with her husband's mistress, it has been revealed.
Erin Harris, 42, is the chief marketing officer of James's liquor brand Lobos 1707, a role that has seen her party with A-list celebrities and appear in the company's promotions.
She and one of her friends were caught on widely circulated video embroiled in an ugly casino floor catfight with OnlyFans model Danielle Pertusiello, 24, in a clash over her husband Mike Harris, 51.
The scantily-clad women broke out into vicious hair-pulling and slapping on the floor of the Wynn, one of Las Vegas's most upscale hotels, earlier this month, and Pertusiello claimed that the booze executive was the aggressor.
'She hit me from behind,' she told Fox News. 'I want people to know that she's not all about women empowerment. She's jumping little girls.'
Harris was reportedly in Las Vegas with the basketball star to promote Lobos 1707 during the annual NBA Summer League event, before she erupted at her husband's secret lover.
Before steering the marketing for LeBron James's tequila company, Harris reportedly found work with another A-lister in her role as senior vice president of rapper Diddy Combs' Enterprises.
According to Pertusiello's version of events, her beef with Harris started four months before their casino brawl when the executive discovered her husband was having an affair with the model.
She claims that Harris hired a private investigator who unearthed the fling, leading to a hostile phone conversation where Pertusiello admitted to sleeping with the married man.
'I told her if it’s not going to be me, it’s going to be someone else,' she recalled.
However, Mike Harris denied the affair when contacted by Fox, and claimed to have 'nothing to do' with the viral video. 'Two women got in a scuffle at a hotel. It had nothing to do with me,' he added.


R in NYC said...

The problem is your husband ma'am. Go put those paws on him. Dude probably been cheating before the marriage and you married him anyway. His hoez will change but he will not.

Anonymous said...

1- Why do these celebs always peddle liquor?
2 - The one in the shorts look like she's on her period.
3 - Dump the husband. She is one of many.

Anonymous said...

Using your image and persona and wealth to sell liquor. LeBron does not know the most high. I hold him GUILTY for crimes against his people Israel.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with ownership in liquor company? Ppl are going to drink, if you don't. At least Bron gives back to his community in a big way.
Hair pulling is not fighting to me. It's a scrap. Put up those dukes is fighting. LOLOL

FlyGemini said...

I agree 10:04 and 10:40. When you go in the liquor store, all you see is Kevin Hart, Snoop, Brandy, etc. in posters and life-size cardboard cutouts all over the store. I even saw DC Youngfly in a liquor ad on his IG page and he doesn't even drink!

Anonymous said...

Is the mistress the one standing there with the fake hind parts? So fake.

Anonymous said...

Is this all these black celebrities can offer their communities, liquor? There is enough liquor on the market, who needs another brand? Enough already, with all the problems in our communities, the last thing we need is more liquor. I'm not impressed.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure this is the least of LeBron’s worries at this moment.
He could care less about these dummies fighting.

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