Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wendy Williams' Team Kept the Money From Failed Expo Appearance?

Back in May former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams bailed on hosting the Women's Expo in Atlanta at the very last minute [click here if you missed that]. 

Now insiders claim Wendy's team never sent back the money for the failed appearance...

From The Sun
WENDY Williams' management never returned the full $25,000 payment for the Women's Expo appearance after her team canceled the gig, The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned.
The U.S. Sun exclusively obtained copies of wire transfers, as well as email correspondences between Wendy's team including her manager Will Selby, publicist Shawn Zanotti, and entertainment attorney Deborah Hrbek in the aftermath of the event.
Wendy, 59, canceled her appearance as the headline speaker just days before she was set to appear at the May 20 event due to health concerns.
Wire transfers revealed that the full initial payment for the event was sent to Wendy's publicist's company, Exact Publicity, but after the star backed out at the last minute, the Expo was left to scramble for a replacement speaker, whom they had to also pay.
In three separate wire transfers back to the Expo, Wendy's publicist's company sent back $12,500 on May 17 immediately after her client officially backed out of the gig, and then another $1,250 on June 9.
Wendy's manager Will only sent back $1,250 on June 12.
After those transfers, no other money was sent back to the company and to this day, the Expo remains out at least $15,000, according to sources familiar with the transactions.
Additionally, in emails reviewed by The U.S. Sun, the Expo attempted to have the rest of the money sent back from Wendy's team, however, the star's new entertainment lawyer Deborah suggested that it was Shawn's PR company that had signed onto the event and not Wendy herself.
Despite Wendy filming promotional videos for the event, and her manager Will sending the Expo back money from the company he created- The Wendy Experience Inc - her attorney suggested that her publicist Shawn wasn't authorized to book the star for this engagement.
In one email reviewed by The U.S. Sun sent on June 23, Wendy's attorney wrote: "I am doing my best to help here despite the fact that Shawn had no authority to enter this agreement on behalf of Wendy or any entity owned by her."


Jcee said...

The truth is coming out! Wendy is not mentally there I do believe she may have dementia or something and this manager and publicist are stealing money and keeping her away from her family. This is sad. And I do believe that they are the ones who tried to make it seem as if her son was taking from her when we all know he wasn’t I hope her son is able to end up with control over things.

Anonymous said...

Wow, keep your eye on WW money Wells Fargo.

Anonymous said...

Wendy is being scammed.

Anonymous said...

Karma, all the drugs, dirt slinging and just being a messy person she's getting all what she gave.

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