Monday, November 06, 2023

Sonja Norwoord Corrects Hospital Reports

This week it was reported the Brandy and Ray J's momager Sonja Norwood was rushed to the hospital after a negative reaction to an IV drip.

Sonja sets the record straight...

From TMZ
Ray J's mom, Sonja Norwood, is recovering from a bad reaction to something that's, generally speaking, good for you -- a home IV drip that turned into an emergency situation ... TMZ has learned.
The health drama unfolded when Sonja began feeling light-headed after the IV treatment ... which is meant to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients directly to the bloodstream.
It's a health and wellness trend popularized by celebs in recent years, and a few weeks ago ... Sonja decided to get in on the action.
Unfortunately, we're told there was no wellness involved that day ... as Sonja had to lie down due to sudden rapid breathing, which prompted her family, including Ray, to call an ambulance out of concern.
She got checked out at the hospital and, eventually, she was okay.
The IV therapy she got was a mix of C and B vitamins, as well as calcium and magnesium. It's meant to boost a patient's immune system, but side effects can include infection, rashes, blood clots, air embolism and more.


Anonymous said...

So basically, the TMZ story was correct. So what exactly is she correcting? She didn't say anything different from what was reported in the article.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of folks in those desert states do this as well. Especially some folks I know in Arizona…I hate needles so it’s a no for me. I rather take vitamins or get my essentials through foods and drinks.

Jcee said...

Sooooo the story was true. Bye Sonya

Anonymous said...

She is so annoying. Always saying nothing

Anonymous said...

How is she gonna take calcium without Vitamin D? That was her first mistake. Vitamins not administered and monitored by your family doctor can be extremely hazardous. The wrong vitamins can increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure sky high. Bottomline, I'm not getting an IV drip of nothing in my home and it better be in a medical facility, or I don't want it.

Anonymous said...

People with money being extra.

Anonymous said...

That's one mean a$$ woman. That I do know

LOLOL said...

She needed to give her two kids a drip and a dip. Brandy baby mama twice and egg hear R j is a total fail, cheater. gaslighting liar. and a lame jerk.

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