Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Tamar Braxton Confirms Chrisean Rock Punched Her Backup Singer

Over the weekend Zeus TV star Chrisean Rock was accused of punching Tamar Braxton's backup singer in the mouth, after Tamar invited her to the Baltimore stop of the Love and War 10 year anniversary tour [click here if you missed that].

Tamar confirms the rumors and admits she did not know Chrisean personally before inviting her...


Anonymous said...

Both these chicks are 🐦s.

Anonymous said...

Why is she apologizing to Chrisean? I think Chrisean should be the one apologizing for what she did. She said she knew Chrisean was rowdy. If your show is about love and positivity, why would you even invite somebody on that level to your show? if you want to mentor her as a little sister, or whatever, take her to some counseling sessions, but don’t invite her to none of your shows!

Anonymous said...

Feels like Tamar set this up to promote her tour by using CR

Anonymous said...

Let me get the shade and questions out the way first.
I'm asking this because I don't know. When you put a filter on your phone does it make your head smaller? Tamar's hands look huge next to her face. Hands are usually the size of your face, not your head.
Is the guy that sang out to Patty La Belle's Sweet Potatoes pie? He seems like a nice person but he is too dam big to let that girl beat him like that. I guess he's a gentle giant. I'm smaller than him, but I wouldn't let that girl beat me like that. Where was Tamar team to help him?

Is CR the girl that had a baby with rapper Blue something and they were on Jason Lees show? She had a baby with him and then he broke up with her after or before the baby came. If this is the same girl I can see this happening. She is so insecure and damaged. She needs a lot of mental health help.

Anonymous said...

Tamar has a poor judge of character which is very disappointing at her age. She invited someone with poor behavior skills and expected her to have sense around others. SMH ..Toni would NEVER!!!!!

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