Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Tyra Banks Exits as Executive Producer for Dancing with the Stars

Back in March super model Tyra Banks left her hosting gig on Dancing with the Stars after three years on the show [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Tyra has stepped down as executive producer...

From The Sun
TYRA Banks has quietly exited her role as Dancing With the Stars' executive producer, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal.
The former supermodel abruptly announced she was leaving her hosting position on DWTS after three seasons in March this year, but did not comment on her producing role at the time.
When Tyra joined the show as a host in 2020, she also became an executive producer- a title she held for as long as she was part of DWTS.
Now, The U.S. Sun can confirm through a source that she is officially out as executive producer, and has been since she left the show earlier this year.
Last season, the credits at the end of each episode listed Tyra Banks and Conrad Green as executive producers.
This season, only Conrad is listed as an executive producer.


Anonymous said...

Go back to the modeling realm.

Anonymous said...

@7:51 She's too big to come back modeling. Unless she goes into plus size modeling.

R in NYC said...

Tyra is super annoying. She had her day.

Anonymous said...

Yt ppl didn't want her at bargaining table making decision. Glass ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Tyra was horrible on that show. It’s a bad show but it’s still better without her.

Anonymous said...

This woman is extremely unlikeable. She was asked to leave.

Unknown said...


I agree. I think she never should have given up on ANTM- who gives up their own hit series to co-host another series geared towards an older demographic? That was one of the worse business decisions she could have ever made. Right along with the selfie amusement park and ice cream business. Sadly, I think Tyra lost her modeling ability. I saw some photos she took for some plus size campaign and everything about the photoshoot was tragic; from the styling, to the wig, to the poses- you'd never know it was the same Tyra, supermodel from the 90s-2000s. I want her to reinvent herself and get back with her old crew - the Js- and get back to where she was 20yrs ago. It's heartbreaking to see Tyra now, especially when Naomi is still looking, & booking, high fashion runways and deals.- despite, allegedly, being a horrible person behind the scenes (Naomi)

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