Thursday, November 02, 2023

Vincent Herbert Ordered to Pay Beverly Hills Jeweler

For the past three years a Beverly Hills jeweler has been trying to collect on a debt for unpaid jewels after Tamar Braxton's ex husband Vincent Herbert defaulted on his line of credit [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Herbert has been ordered to pay up after blowing off his court date...

Tamar Braxton’s ex-husband Vince Herbert was hit with a default judgment after ignoring a lawsuit over a debt owed for custom jewelry the music exec ordered.
According to court documents obtained by, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered Herbert to pay the jeweler company Greene & Co International and owner Michael Greene a total of $68,856.96.
Herbert failed to respond to the lawsuit brought by the jeweler despite being served with the legal paperwork.
As we first reported, in 2021, Greene & Co International sued Braxton’s ex-husband for fraud and breach of contract.
In court documents, the jeweler said Herbert reached out to him in December 2018 requesting 7 custom pieces.
The company said Herbert often spoke about his net worth and his ability to pay for “the jewelry, his career, and his involvement in the music industry.”
The jeweler said it relied on Herbert’s claims when they provided him a line of credit and allowed him to leave the stores without paying.
The suit accused Herbert of writing one check worth $20k but the jeweler said it bounced.
“Immediately, via text messages with the [Herbert], [Greene & Co.] informed the [Herbert] that the check was returned for insufficient funds and inquired when the $20,000.00 and the remaining balance of the invoice would be paid in full,” the suit read.
Despite repeated demands, Greene & Co International said Herbert made repeated promises to pay but never followed through.
The company said Herbert owed $66k on the invoice.
Braxton and Herbert were married for 9 years before she filed for divorce in October 2017.
In the divorce, Herbert also failed to show up to court to deal with the case. Braxton was granted a default after her ex didn’t respond.
In the years after the breakup, Herbert has faced various financial troubles including being sued for eviction, being ordered to pay Sony Music millions, and dealing with his car being repossessed.


Anonymous said...

Neither he nor his ex wife pay people. These celebrities be fronting.

No Chiraq said...

Broke is broke.

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Anonymous said...

He probably spend most of his money on food.

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