Thursday, November 09, 2023

Wendy Williams Ex Husband Ordered to Pay Up

Last month it was reported that Wendy Williams' ex-husband Kevin Hunter was facing a default judgement for failing to pay his credit card bills [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Kevin has been ordered to pay up...

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter was ordered to pay a massive sum after blowing off a lawsuit over his credit card bill.
According to court documents obtained by, a Florida judge granted a motion for a default judgment brought by UBS Bank USA.
The court ordered Hunter to cough up $20,176.83 and the amount will grow with interest until paid off.
Hunter was served with the paperwork but failed to show up to court.
In the lawsuit. UBS Bank USA claimed Hunter refused to pay the amount charged to his credit card.
UBS said it provided Hunter with a Visa Signature card in 2014. The bank said Williams’ ex made all timely payments until he stopped abruptly.
As of March 2023, Hunter was accused of owing $20,176.83.
“Defendant has failed to make the minimum monthly payments by the payment due date, as required by the Cardmember Agreement”, the suit read.


Anonymous said...

Take his house, luxury car, sneakers, high end funky cloths and food cart. Put him jail.

Anonymous said...

Ha! We don't have debtors' prison in the US. But his credit rating is going to be f'kked for years to come. I never liked Wendy Williams but her 'big payback' is legendary. Poor Journey. Her mama thought she had life all figured out for her but the Big Bad Step-Mama spoiled her future.

R in NYC said...

Wendy is winning! Big Kelvin is losing!
Not enough bad sh"t can happen to this kneegrow. Low life pond scum reaping what he sowed. I love it!

Anonymous said...

When it rains, it pours.

Anonymous said...

Wendy hasn't won anything, especially the drug war within herself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do yall think that Wendy is faking her illness to get these results on Big Kelvin?

Anonymous said...

4:07 PM, It crossed my mine that she might be but I don't think so now. Her life and family was her status. She lost it all and fell down the rabbit hole(mental Illness)and hasn't recovered from the lost. Add on drinking to cover up the feeling has caused her deep depression. I have been there. It takes a lot to come up out that hole. You have to mentally fight like hell to come back.

Anonymous said...

4:07 It’s really hard to say.

4:27 You ain’t lever lied. I’ve been there as well as you and many others. Going through it publicly is the challenge.

I encourage others to keep going. It gets better. Once you’re in that space of healing and start putting yourself 1st, you’ll never look at them again the way you did before and you will be stronger.

Anonymous said...

If Wendy isn’t being faked, she play all parts out to the tee and she did what she said, she play chess ♟️ not checkers

Mocha Mixx said...

*Raised glass to Karma* ...salute!

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