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Wendy Williams' Ex Husband Accused of Failing to Comply with Subpoena

Former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' ex husband, Kevin Hunter, is currently suing his insurance company for failing to pay a claim on his Ferrari after it was allegedly totaled by a rain storm [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the insurance company is accusing Hunter of failing to comply with their subpoenas...

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter has been accused of failing to produce a copy of his divorce agreement with the talk show host as part of his ongoing battle with an insurance company, has learned.
Kevin sued Essentia Insurance for refusing to pay a policy he had on his 2018 Ferrari. He claimed the car was damaged by rain while parked outside in Florida.
Essentia claimed they hired a meteorologist who said there was no rain at the time and location where Kevin claimed his car was damaged.
The parties are preparing for currently preparing for trial.
According to court documents obtained by, Essentia Insurance recently demanded Kevin turn over a series of documents.
Essentia asked Kevin to turn over all credit card statements he obtained from 2020 to now, copies of all bank account records, a copy of his divorce settlement obtained “from your divorce proceedings with Wendy Williams,” and all documents related to any loan agreements for any unsecured loans he obtained from 2020 to now.
Further, Essentia demanded Kevin turn over all documents and communications related to any personal loans that he obtained from his friends or family.
Recently, Essentia accused Kevin of failing to turn over any of the requested documents. The insurance company demanded the court order Wendy’s ex to produce the information immediately.
In addition, Essentia subpoenaed Kevin’s phone records from Verizon. The insurance company asked for all text messages Kevin received and sent from November 4, 2021, through November 25, 2021.
Further, they asked for a list of all phone calls made and received during the same time period.
The case is ongoing.
As first reported, Kevin sued Essentia Insurance for failing to pay out on a policy he had with the company on his 2018 Ferrari California T 2DR Retractable Hardtop.
In the suit, Kevin claimed it was an “all-risk” policy that was to provide “coverage against risk of direct physical loss to covered property unless the loss is caused by a peril that is excluded.”
Kevin said his luxury vehicle was damaged by rain on November 11, 2021. He said he notified the insurance company of the damage a couple of days later.
The insurance company assigned an inspector to investigate the claim. Kevin said despite submitting the proper paperwork, he has yet to receive payment.
In response, the insurance company said it denied the claim because there was allegedly no rain at the location and time that Kevin said the car was damaged.
Wendy’s ex-husband claimed he drove the car to his friend’s home in Pompano Beach with the top down. He said he left the Ferrari at the pad and drove off in a 2020 Audi. Kevin said when he left the car the weather was nice.
He told investigators his friend called him later in the day to tell him it started to rain. The friend was unable to close the roof because Kevin took the keys, Kevin claimed.
Kevin said he rushed over to the home. He claimed he was able to power up the car to close the roof but was unable to start the car.
Essentia said it hired a meteorologist to investigate the matter. The expert told the insurance company that no rain occurred in Pompano Beach on the date in question until after 11 PM.
The insurance company said even then there was only a “mere trace amount of precipitation.”
“[Kevin’s] misrepresentations about the event of loss and cause of loss nullify any coverage here. There is no genuine issue of fact that on the Incident Date, at the time that [Kevin] says the Incident occurred, there was no rain at all,” Essentia argued. “This is directly contrary to [Kevin’s] representations that he experienced a downpour.
The parties are currently preparing for trial.


Anonymous said...

I'm usually not in favor of corporations over people, but in this case I hope that the company wins.

People, stop buying what you want and begging for what you need. That can leave you looking crazy like this clown.

If he'd saved money instead of blowing it on an over-priced vehicle that depreciates in value, he'd have money to fall back on. He knew that he couldn't afford the thing.

Anonymous said...

He "f" around and found out and now he's trying to turn the baby momma into his next cash cow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just Create another Wendy.

Anonymous said...

OT: I still can't believe Wendy managed to fock up the good thing she had with her television show. She wasn't the first, but she was a ground breaker who made a difference.

She let this nicca, his side piece, and some drugs bring her down. Then the insult to the injury was letting Sherri take Wendy's time slot. That's a gotdam shame.

I know, I need to get over this but it still irks the fock out of me every time I see him.

Anonymous said...

Still pushing convertibles.

LOLOL said...

He is not worth me reading all that. How can you sue if your broke? What ever he gets is what he deserves. When is he going to get a job?

R in NYC said...

He's getting everything he deserves

Anonymous said...

Insurance Fraud?

FlyGemini said...

So was the car actually damaged? Because, unless he poured water in the inside, how was he going to pull that off?

Anonymous said...

I hope he loses everything piece by piece

J.Swindell said...

So basically, the smartest thing he's ever done was hook up with Wendy... a smart but insecure cash cow with a lot of potential.

Anonymous said...

Just like Whitney houston and Britney Spears, , she won’t be the first or the last. Next up are Beyoncé, cardi b and Nicki Minaj. These women will be dogged out by their husbands and will have to pay them. Mark my words. Reason Rihana didn’t get married but homeboy knows he can get the child support.

Anonymous said...

When scamming goes wrong.

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