Thursday, February 08, 2024

Chrisean Rock Facing Charges Over Incident with Tamar Braxton's Back Up Singer

This week it was revealed that reality TV personality Chrisean Rock was being sued by Tamar Braxton's back-up singer, James Chanel Wright, for punching him in the face backstage at Tamar's show [click here if you missed that]. 

Chrisean is also facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery...

“She hit him multiple times in the face for no reason at all. We were surprised that she was able to leave the facility that night,” said Wright’s attorney, Kevin Anderson. “She had on rings that were pretty much equivalent to brass knuckles.”
Anderson said that Braxton was in the room when the assault occurred.
The date of the incident is the same as that listed in a criminal case filed in January against Malone in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing her of assault with a deadly weapon and battery.


Anonymous said...

Good. Both her and her baby daddy can vacay in jail so that poor baby can have a fighting chance at life.

LOLOL said...

If this go to trial will TB be a on JW side or CR as a witness. She is so unpredictable that I'm not sure she would back him up. SHADY BOOTS

Anonymous said...

She needs to turn her life over to Jesus, FULLY.

Anonymous said...

Chrisean needs to be bopped in the head to get some common sense . That girl is dumb and gone.

Anonymous said...

Alot of commenters didn’t believe it even happened and said Tamar was using it for clout. Just because you don’t like Tamar doesn’t mean you should believe anyone on the opposite side of her.

Tamar & Chrisean are problematic. It does Chrisean no favors to believe in her lies, that’s why she’s delusional now.

Also, some of the comments on her ignored the fact that this man was assaulted by her. Ignored this Brothers pain. Fuxx Chrisean, she needs to be humbled, just like Blueface is getting now. Jail time Chrisean.

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