Friday, February 09, 2024

Deion Sanders' Daughter Burned by Romance with Jacquees

For the past few days Deion 'Coach Prime' Sanders' oldest daughter, Deiondra Sanders, has been going back and forth with rapper Dreezy over R&B singer Jacquees.

The bickering evolved into a Battle Royale after Dreezy broke Deiondra and Jacquees' apparently secret pregnancy news and text messages from Jacquees claiming he didn't want a family with Deiondra...

It all started after Dreezy randomly Tweeted about her ex [Jacquees] and Deiondra seemingly responded.

That's when Dreezy went for the jugular sharing texts of Jacquees begging her back 

In the end Deiondra admitted defeat, followed by Jacquees apologizing in song.

Adding insult to injury Jacquees has rumored to have been live streaming from Dubai this week with his high school sweetheart.


R in NYC said...

This is why I stay single, f**k who I want and go home to my peaceful sanctuary.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know that’s right R in NYC.
Jacquees is a real bum.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Deon's daughter a few times on TikTok dancing with her mom and I thought she was so sweet and had some sense. Guess not about the sense part. She gone learn these man-children are for the streets and have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. They only want whoever wants them and chase after who don't want them just to get them back and declare themselves a winner only to them dump them again. So these two attractive young ladies with a possibly bright future are fighting over a know-nothing Mega Dusty. What's new. And those hair-hat lace fronts need to die along with those ridiculous Snuffleupagus eyelashes. Some of you sistas have no idea how foolish and cartoonish it makes you look. Embrace your God given natural beauty for a change. Geez.

Anonymous said...

having unprotected sex w/someone who has made no commitment to you is DUMB.

being stuck w/a baby by a ninja who don't want to be with you is even DUMBER.

posting about said ninja & going @ his ex on social media is a forever "L." talking about SHE mad @ the wrong person.

ma'am? what are you? besides lame AF trying to shame dreezy for something beyond her control. (her daddy)

having her multimillionaire-daddy in her life all along didn't prevent her from getting gamed up AND knocked up by a non-singing r&b ninja?

hope that shade she threw won't come back on her child w/his/her daddy being a deadbeat, too.

meanwhile, dreezy letting yung "no dark butts" berg play in her face. they both looking silly out here.

girls, STAND UP!

LOLOL said...

Why do young women want to hook-up with uneducated simps that have a short career as rappers? Try scaling up to someone with a higher education and see how that works out.

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