Monday, February 12, 2024

Usher Obtains a Marriage License

Two years ago there were rumors that pop star Usher had gotten engaged to the mother of his two youngest children, music exec Jennifer Goicoechea [click here if you missed that]. 

According to reports Jennifer and Usher are one step closer to marriage...

From TMZ
The singer and his longtime partner, Jennifer Goicoechea, obtained a marriage license on Feb. 8 in Clark County -- this according to court records obtained by TMZ. Their marriage certificate is not yet filed ... so for now, it seems they haven't said "I do" yet.

This will be Usher's third marriage.  


Anonymous said...

Poor Usher

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They've been together for a minute and appear really happy together. Plus they have babies, who'll thrive better in a two parent home.

Anonymous said...

Usher married one of the woman Katy Williams was talking about

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