Monday, February 05, 2024

Wendy Williams Son Changes His Mind About Her Inner Circle?

Last year Wendy Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr, gave an interview condemning her inner circle and claiming he feared for Wendy's life [click here if you missed that]. 

Last week Kevin Jr. raised eyebrows after appearing with the same people he condemned in a docu-series called 'Where's Wendy [click here if you missed that]...' 

From The Sun
WENDY Williams' loved ones are shocked that her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has chosen to participate in the no-holds-barred Lifetime documentary about her downward spiral.
Multiple sources have told The U.S. Sun they were in disbelief that Wendy's only son filmed multiple scenes for the show, set to be released later this month.
In the trailer, Kevin, 23, is on camera saying his famous mom has "done a really good job at making it seem like everything is okay, but in reality, there is something wrong going on."
One source said, "I can only imagine that they told him it wouldn't paint her in a bad light - because he was dead set against it over the summer."
The source added something must have changed in conversations around the project, because by October 2023, Wendy's son was asking for advice from his inner circle about the unscripted project, which is now titled Where is Wendy Williams?
A second insider who was involved in the project with Lifetime was also surprised to see Wendy's son in the trailer.
"Something must have changed because he was not involved from everything I knew."
That source also said that what Lifetime told them about the project was not what they saw in the trailer.
"I was told it wasn't going to be salacious one bit, that this was supposed to be the story and legacy of Wendy, in a good way.
"This doesn't look good. Her with the vodka bottle looks bad. I’m sorry to see it," the second insider added.
In a press release by Lifetime, Kevin Jr. is listed as an executive producer right behind Wendy's EP credit.
In his chat from June, Kevin Jr. said he declined a $25,000 paycheck to be an executive producer on the project.


Anonymous said...

Looks like nobody's on Team Wendy.

R in NYC said...

He needs the money now. Wendy's bank still has a strangle hold on her money. Did this young man ever finish college

Anonymous said...

This is all so weird.

Anonymous said...


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