Friday, March 29, 2024

Chris Brown London Brawl Costing Big Bucks

Last year singer / songwriter Chris Brown was accused of fleeing London before being questioned about a bar fight where he allegedly stomped out a British music producer and smashed him over the head with a tequila bottle, at the wrap party for the "Under the Influence," world tour [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the accuser is demanding $16 million...

New court documents obtained by The Blast reveal that Amadou Abe Diaw is asking for $16 million in damages. It comes months after Diaw accused Brown of attacking him with a liquor bottle last year.
Diaw has filed an entry of default against Brown, seemingly hinting that the singer failed to respond to a lawsuit or legal claim within the specified time frame.
In light of that, he is requesting that the 34-year-old pay him $1 million in special damages and $15 million in general damages.
Recall that The Blast obtained the accuser's initial filing against Brown in October 2023, asserting that he sustained lacerations on his head and torn ligaments in his leg, resulting in hospitalization following an altercation with Brown at a London nightclub.


Anonymous said...

Truly psychotic. One birthday post and now a person believes it's this intimate situation, and uses this delusion to spew the most annoying, childish, and hateful things. 😑 whatever though.

My questions for the post is whether there were criminal charges? Oh was that step skipped, seems like it may have been a bodyguard or something but he wants Brown held accountable.

Anonymous said...

This doesn’t even make sense

Anonymous said...

It's called early retirement. Folks are trying get paid.

TRACI404 said...

At what point does MARKETING START and stunts and drama to sell music stop?

TRACI404 said...

When is CHRIS BROWN going to grow up? Or have the drugs just made him permanently stupid?
HIS ENTIRE LIFE is a violent movie, full of drugs and wasted talent.

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