Monday, March 25, 2024

Guardian Tried to Stop Wendy Williams Doc After Realizing How She was Portrayed

Last month former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' court appointed guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, filed an emergency injunction to halt the airing of the Lifetime "Where is Wendy Williams" documentary just days before it aired [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently the guardian did not oppose the doc until she saw how she was portrayed in the preview...

Wendy Williams’ guardian tried to stop Lifetime docuseries “Where Is Wendy Williams?” from airing after the trailer debuted in February, A&E Networks claims in a legal filing unsealed this week and now obtained by TheWrap.
Sabrina Morrissey, who’s been Williams’ appointed guardian since 2022, filed a petition against A&E to shut down the airing of the series two days before its Feb. 24 premiere because she felt she and her supervision of Williams would be poorly portrayed by the doc. On Friday, the New York Supreme Court unsealed the motion to reverse the restraining order.
In their defense, A&E attorney Rachel Strom wrote that Morrissey made the move “only after seeing the documentary’s trailer and realizing her role in Ms. [Williams’] life may be criticized,” adding that enlisting the courts to silence that criticism was unconstitutional.
The network went on to say that the “restraint” is a “violation of the [the company’s] constitutional rights,” saying that the guardian was aware of the documentary’s filming and only took issue once she saw the trailer on Feb. 2. Williams was paid a “substantial sum” for her participation in the series.
“Even more egregious, she has known about the existence of the documentary since at least February 2023, and of the talent agreement — the unenforceability of which supposedly justifies a permanent bar on release of the documentary — since at least April 2023,” A&E’s legal team stated. “Nevertheless, she sat and did nothing for nearly a year. If plaintiff, as [Williams’] guardian, was so worried about [Williams] being filmed in a sensitive state, [Morrissey] had months and months to seek a remedy, intervene in filming, or voice her concerns to defendants, [Williams] or her family. [Morrissey] did not, and her delay is contrary to the supposed need for emergency relief.”


LOLOL said...

I'm not surprised she a Yt devil.

Anonymous said...

Snitch where you find this pic of Wendy?🤣
It’s too early for this!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wendy was not out of her mind and knew what she was doing. This is her ticket to get her out of the conservatorship which is keeping her unhealthy. You also recall in they showed her in FL with her family she was happy and not drinking and was getting better.

Anonymous said...

It's a process but she will be removed from guardian and have to show financial records, hopefully she get locked up for exploiting Wendy

J.Swindell said...

@9:56 yeah something about the entire situation isn't mathing. Wendy has production credits on this entire project. A person can't sign this type of document and go to work if they're not in their right mind.

Anonymous said...

Snitch you ain't right for that Picture of WW. You're exploiting her Thyroid disease for LOLO and I'm falling out.

Anonymous said...

I know it's wrong but that picture of Wendy had me laughing for ten minutes straight. She looks like she's trying to steal your soul with her eyes.

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