Friday, March 29, 2024

Jeannie Fighting Jeezy's Request to Seal Divorce

Last year rapper Jeezy blindsided his wife Jeannie Mai by filing for divorce and then demanding the filing be placed under seal [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Jeannie is pushing back against his request, arguing that the divorce should remain unsealed for transparency...

Jeannie Mai asked a judge to deny her estranged husband Jeezy’s request to seal filing in their ongoing divorce — and questioned his motives for the ask.
According to court documents obtained by, the talk show host opposed Jeezy’s motion to seal the record.
In her new motion, Mai said that she had “refrained from detailing specifics” in her divorce filings, “aiming for an amicable resolution, which remains her goal.”
She said, “Since the commencement of these proceedings, there has indeed been increased media attention, which was a foreseeable consequence given the parties’ celebrity status.”
Mai said, “The timing of [Jeezy’s] Motion to Seal, six months into the proceedings, raises questions regarding his motivations for trying to limit the public’s access to the case. Nonetheless, [Mai] contends that sealing the court records at this time is unnecessary and unwarranted.”
Her lawyer argued, “there is a presumption that the public has a right to access the court to ensure that proceedings are conducted fairly and impartially and that the judicial process is open and accountable.”
Mai asked that the Motion to Seal be denied.


Anonymous said...

Yuk to both of them.

Anonymous said...

shout out to Jeezy for knkwing bow to do a cheater what else could it be

TRACI404 said...

You put your romance, engagement, wedding and life on Instagram.
Next the pregnancy , child and all your WEALTH FLEXES all on INSTAGRAM.
YOU WROTE A BOOK, and did TV INTERVIEWS marketed your music and tours. AKL For the public to see, consume and support.
Now, we see that you lied on you prenup FINANCIALS and cheated on the marriage JEEZY wants to seal the UGLY DETAILS of the marriage

Ohwell said...

Wow.... he chose a real big mouth winner.

Anonymous said...

Jeezy may as well take her back and go to therapy for their issues. Seriously. I know blk women gave him shyt about this relationship, but, they were good together. I like Jeannie

Anonymous said...

He knows he f****d up and doesn’t want everyone else to know it, hence keeping the filings under wrap.

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