Thursday, March 21, 2024

Wendy Williams' Son Nearly Evicted

Two years ago former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr., was evicted from his Miami apartment after his mother was placed in a financial guardianship by Wells Fargo Bank and the guardian cut him off for dropping out of college [click here if you missed that]. 

Last month Kevin Jr. was nearly evicted again before coming up with his rent just in time to prevent getting put out...

 From The Sun
The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal Wendy's only son, who opened up in a Lifetime docuseries about being cut off from his mother's money after she was placed in guardianship, was served with an eviction notice on his posh apartment in February.
On February 26, the Monday after Wendy's Lifetime docuseries aired, which Kevin was also listed as an executive producer on, the building he had been living at for only a handful of months served him with an eviction notice after he allegedly failed to pay his rent.
The filing stated, "This is an action to evict the tenant from the premises."
It went on to allege that Kevin, who signed the lease in November, had failed to pay February's rent, and owed the building a total sum of $4,317.08.
His rent, according to the lease agreement was $3,731 a month.
Kevin was served a three-day notice of non-payment of his rent on February 6.
By March 5, however, it appears the matter was resolved, as the attorney for the building filed a notice to dismiss the case.
This isn't the first time Kevin faced eviction at an apartment in Miami.
The U.S. Sun exclusively reported in 2022 that Kevin had been evicted from his luxury $2 million apartment for failure to pay his rent.


Anonymous said...

That's a damn shame because everybody knows how crazy Wendy was about her son, ain't no way she would want him having financial problems and others eating off her plate not even kin to her don't make sense, but everything coming to the light

R in NYC said...

That's a lot to pay for rent. He needs a roommate or a cheaper place

LOLOL said...

You don't know how to pay a bill. Sound like his scamming daddy.

Anonymous said...

So he made money of the documentary and spent it as quick as they gave it to him. He needs financial literacy classes because by Wendy spoiling him he doesn’t truly grasp the concept of money and bill paying. 💯 When you spend over $100,000 on just food takeout, That’s a pleasure driven life not a responsible one. But…Not his fault, both of his parents are to blame. ✅ They did him a disservice by not showing financial restraint and now he’s in the real world now without him mom being his ATM. Now He gotta grow up and work. Just like Blanket who is cutting Mrs. Jackson off from spending off Micheal’s estate for bills that her allowance should be paying. That white boy understands how money works, when Mrs. Jackson sadly goes the rest of the family going to have to figure bills out because those 3 kids ain’t going to let them ride them, like they did Michael. He made sure of that. Little Kevin gotta learn his free ride about to be over too. 🎯

Anonymous said...

Good point 1114

Anonymous said...

He is choosing to learn the hard way that he needs to support himself. He is a man now, time to get a job and find reasonable accommodations he can afford. Just because his momma has money doesn't mean it's his money to spend. He has no shame leaching off his momma. Like father, like son.

Anonymous said...

Does he work? If not it's time to get a job.

Anonymous said...

I’m confused. They said Wendy paid these rental people $1M upfront for rent for this boy. That breaks down to $20K a month for five years…which is longer than he's been there! What am I missing?

No Chiraq said...

He admitted in court to foreging Wendy's name to the lease

Anonymous said...

The apple doesn’t fall far from Daddy’s tree. Smh

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