Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Where is Wendy Williams' Money?

Last week it was revealed that former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams, who was placed in a financial guardianship two years ago, was facing a $500k tax lien for unpaid federal taxes [click here if you missed]. 

Now insiders claim Wendy had an eight-figure nest egg before she was placed under guardianship and fear her accounts are being drained...

From Radar Online 

Wendy Williams had an eight-figure fortune stashed away in various Wells Fargo bank accounts before her assets were frozen and she was placed under the care of a court-appointed guardian, has learned.
The 59-year-old former talk show star had accumulated a treasure chest worth between $40 to $50 million spread out in more than a dozen accounts held by the bank, a source told
It is unknown how much of the cash is left since Wells Fargo successfully filed a petition in the New York Supreme Court to place Wendy in a temporary financial guardianship claiming she was potentially a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.”
The insider told that Wendy’s life is now controlled by a cadre of lawyers, court evaluators, and specialists who are all chipping away at her fortune.
“You have now five attorneys who Wendy did not select and who Wendy has nothing to do with that are all getting paid out of Wendy’s finances,” the insider claimed.
The insider also raised questions over Wendy being hit with a $568k federal tax lien.
“There is a tax lien on Wendy’s property so what the heck is the guardian doing?” the insider told “Where is the accountant and why aren’t they doing their job!?”


R in NYC said...

The vultures are still vulturing. They need some overseers for the overseer. I don't believe Wendy is broke but she will be soon if this keeps up.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is the bank. They wanted control over that money. If she wanted to squander HER money what thats her business. This is why i dont deal with BANKS. never keep your money in one place. The banks make alot of money off of your money. Credit unions are the people. This is really messed up.

LOLOL said...

Why does she need that many lawyers and you don't need a manager plus publicist either? Sounds like thirsty ex- Kelvin is right to look at the books but not for his interest.

Anonymous said...

The bank is the ONLY Hero in this story and not because they are good guys, they saw Wendy not in her right mind and people draining her account and didn’t want to be sued for allowing a person of “diminished capacity” to be allowed to be taken advantage of.🎯 If they would not have stopped it Little Kevin and Big Kevin would have fully drained her and there would be NO money for her care. 💯

If Wendy was ever to get her mind back right and see the crazy charges that was being but on her account like over $100,000 just for food takeout and other foolishness she would have a great case against the bank for allowing it because she didn’t physically do these transactions and wasn’t mentally in a place to truly authorize them. Now I don’t think Lil Kev truly underwood his spending was excessive because he said Wendy always spoiled him, but Wendy had stopped making money and her people were draining that account like blood thirsty vampires and the bank wasn’t going to take the fall for it.

Her family and friends knew something was wrong with her and none of them actually wanted to get her real medical help. Her team just wanted to get her to sleep and get up and work like zombie. Her publicist just wanted her drunk so she would just shut up and show up, her family just wanted to move her to Florida because none of them wanted to take care of her in NY and to keep and eye on her all while she paid the tab. So to me, the bank the ONLY hero by default because she would be beyond broke without them stepping in, and we all know the government ain’t Shid when it comes to taking care of its own. The illegals get better healthcare than we do so yeah, Wells Fargo taking home the MVP award in this case for sure. 💯

The money is gone because they spent it forgetting that she wasn’t working anymore still paying for luxury expenses for herself and others in New York and Florida, a lifestyle that didn’t change when she stopped working, paying people that should have been let go, and the two Kevin’s, so there you go, that’s where the money went. 🧐💁🏽‍♀️

Anonymous said...

10:19 Who is that invested in Wendy’s life??? Wow

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