Monday, April 01, 2024

Simon demands to See Porsha's Bravo Contracts

Last week two-time Real Housewives of Atlanta ex husband, Simon Guobadia, twisted the screws on retuning housewife Porsha Williams after she filed for divorce, refusing to vacate their marital home like he promised in the prenup, filing for a restraining order against her and sending a cease and desist to Bravo preventing them from filming at their Georgia mansion this season [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Simon, who was formerly married to RHOA friend of the cast Faylnn Pina [click here if you missed that], wants to see Porsha's Bravo contracts, all correspondences with producers about their divorce and copies of every page on her passport...

Porsha Williams' estranged husband Simon Guobadia demanded she turn over a copy of her passport and every page in the book — along with all texts she exchanged with RHOA producers about their divorce.
According to court documents obtained by, Simon gave Porsha until April 4 to produce a series of documents as part of their bitter split.
Simon instructed his ex to turn over a copy of her passport book, copies of all payments to any hotels or motels from January 2024 to present, proof she hired an armed bodyguard (who he said came to their home recently), and all video and audio recordings taken at the martial home from February 2024 to present.
He demanded Porsha turn over all contracts and agreements with RHOA producers True Entertainment from 2022 to the present. In addition, he asked for all texts and emails between RHOA producers and Porsha regarding her “return and participation as a cast member to” RHOA, from 2022 through the present.
Simon said Porsha should give him all texts she shared with producers about him, their divorce, their prenup, and storylines and/or topics for Porsha regarding RHOA.
The list also asked for all communications they exchanged in Porsha’s possession and any recordings she has of him.


Anonymous said...

I want to feel bad for Porsha, but she was there front row when he dragged his ex wife thru the mud. I hope she’s prepared to go to war.

No Chiraq said...

Deport this Ni66A please

Jcee said...

This is crazy!! Porsha gurl how tf did you get yourself into this mess!! The reddest flag of them all was how he publicly did falynn this man is messy and will play dirty! Before it’s all said and done you may be paying him some money. Like porsha Thais was the most self destructive thing you could do! Your reputation and character was called into play when y’all pulled that Jake move and hooked up you took a hit you lost some fans your value and stock did go down. Now this? Smh

Anonymous said...

I want to feel bad for Falynn but she was cheating the whole time with the pool boy. She got like 4 kids and 4 baby daddies...she a professional heaux.

Anonymous said...

Simon is a bum!

Anonymous said...

Simon go back to your home Country and do us all a favor…go now.

Scammer, that’s her house. The prenup says once the divorce is filed you had to leave.

But, why would he care about the US laws. He’s been here illegally since the 1980s.

Joe Gudice from RHONJ got deported, they need to hurry up and deport Simon.

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