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Tyler the Creator Rejects Jerrod Carmichael

Two years ago comedian Jerrod Carmichael came out as gay [click here if you missed that]. 

In the first episode of Jerrod's new doc-u-series, he confronts his feelings after being romantically rejected by his best friend rapper Tyler the Creator...

"I fell in love with my best friend. 1 out of 10, don't recommend," Carmichael tells the audience. "I knew I had to tell him. Things started getting kind of weird between us. I had these feelings... So I texted him. I remember saying, 'I know you didn't ask for this, but somewhere down the line I developed feelings for you, and I don't know what to do with that.' Then I immediately turned my phone off and went into therapy."
He joked, "My therapist was thrilled. He was so excited! He was like, 'Man, this s**t never happens in real-time.'"
Recounting Tyler's eventual response, Carmichael said, "He sent me a voice note. I was so nervous. It was like six seconds... He said, 'Hahahaha, you stupid b**ch.' And I don't really know what that means."
Although the comedian said he was reluctant to broach the subject again due to the "fear of it being so totally unrequited," he later tried to make things less weird by asking Tyler to be his date for the 2022 Emmys, where his stand-up special Rothaniel was nominated. However, Tyler shut him down, sending him a text which reads, "Dammmm, I shoot all day. Thanks, tho, that is lit."
At the end of the episode, Carmichael and Tyler have an on-camera discussion about their friendship, during which the former confronts Tyler about the persisting awkwardness.
"It's because I told you I had feelings for you, and we didn't talk about it, ever," Carmichael said. "That was, like, weird. I don't know if it was just too awkward to talk about or just too... I don't know. I feel like you left me hanging out there a little bit."
"You laughed and called me a stupid b**ch," Carmichael recalled, to which Tyler admitted he "brushed it off."
"Getting news like that and then avoiding it is a way to avoid change," the rapper added.
Tyler said that Carmichael's confession was "a lot to download," adding, "I still don't know how to respond." He expressed regret about their lack of contact, explaining that although he doesn't return any romantic feelings, he considers the comedian family.
"Are you wanting the same thing from me?" he asked Carmichael. "When you told me that, I'm like, 'Nah, I don't know. Not like that. That's like a brother. That man's like family. Like true family. Like a true brother.'"
Carmichael and Tyler have collaborated several times in the past. The comedian was the narrator of Tyler's 2019 album Igor, an album that explores a narrative about a love triangle and, ironically, an unrequited love. They also linked up for a special conversation for the rapper's 2017 album Flower Boy.


Anonymous said...

Cringe! 😬 that made me uncomfortable.
Jerrod there’s always Diddy… as long as Meeky mouse don’t mind! Does TYLER like Booch 4 real or is he trolling?
IGOR & “Call me if you get lost” are classic albums though.

FlyGemini said...

WHAT? Just...I just, I'm so confused. 1) How this unfunny "comedian" I have NEVER heard of pops out of NOWHERE with his own SITCOM with the Black entertainment's treasure that is Loretta Devine and David Alan Grier; 2) Soon after he's hosting the Oscars; 3)I have never seen the man on a stage in my life before he popped up on my screen. But this exchange right here is cringe asf!! This gives me second hand cringe.

Anonymous said...

I've lived long enough to know that approaching a good friend with ideas about a relationship or declaring your love for them is never a good idea. What would make him think it would be okay to present his love for his friend on a television documentary? Weird! Jerrod Carmichael has always been a weird oddball to me. Plus, his comedy is dull and flat.

Anonymous said...

Tyler only dates pink toes, so he was bound to reject Jerrod. I know this comment is going to be deleted since so many of my comments are, but it’s wild how Snitch allowed homophobic comments on her site, but has a rule against misogynoir. Typical.

Anonymous said...

😆🤣😂… I can’t take any of this seriously. C’mon son 🤦🏾‍♂️

Anonymous said...

The gay agenda rears it's ugly head. Is the point of this post to Garner sympathy for these alternative lifestyles? Count me out. This was none of our business

Anonymous said...

I don’t even feel bad for him. 1) Tyler turned him down before. 2) Tyler has a girlfriend(I know I was surprised too! But then I seen her and they’re a match for sure).

I guess Carmichael thought bullying him into submission by bringing this up again on television was going to persuade Tyler.

No Chiraq said...

Jaden, Wills' Son had publicly declared his love of Tyler.

Anonymous said...

11:41 Jaden is a stunt queen tho, so I don’t know if he meant it or not, but it’s hard to not like Tyler. He’s a dope artist.

Anonymous said...

Is Tyler The Creator on the gay aggiN starter kit or something? Why does his name always come up when dudes pop out the closet?

Anonymous said...

Ok. I don't get it. Why approach someone if they're not gay? As a woman, I'd never approach a gay male friend romantically. Just as I wouldn't want any of my lesbian friends hitting on me. It's weird. You know the friendship would never be the same afterwards and it means you never valued the person as a friend, anyway. You were just waiting for a moment to pounce.

Lynny said...

I agree 3:22 it’s rude and invasive. He doesn’t want/ like you like that so why is he doing all this?? It’s like read the damn room. It’s borderline harassment and is going to ruin their “friendship”. It’s what men do to me constantly so I’m actually not surprised he’s doing this to his “friend “….

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