Tuesday, May 14, 2024

BMF Was Jam Master Jay Supplier

Back in February Karl Jordan and Ronald Washington were convicted for the 2002 murder of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jam over a d rug deal gone wrong [click here if you missed that]. 

Now it's been revealed that BMF co-founder Terry "Southwest T" Flenory was Jam Master Jay's supplier...

Court documents filed by the government have unmasked Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, co-founder of the notorious Black Mafia Family (BMF), as the drug supplier of the late Hip-Hop legend Jam Master Jay.
The information came to light as the government opposed Karl Jordan and Ronald Washington’s attempt to secure a new trial after being convicted of Jam Master Jay’s murder.
Southwest T founded BMF with his brother, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. They operated the notorious d rug trafficking organization operation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Southwest T was a significant part of the narcotics conspiracy that ultimately led to Jam Master Jay’s untimely demise.
Jam Master Jay, whose real name is Jason Mizell, had become embroiled in the coqane business in the early ’90s to supplement his earnings with Run-DMC.
Jay acted as a middleman between his supplier, Southwest T and various distributors.
The revelation of Flenory’s involvement as Jam Master Jay’s coqane supplier adds another layer of complexity to the case. It was Jam Master Jay who discovered a young 50 Cent, who’s now telling the life stories of Southwest T and Big Meech on the series BMF.
Go here for more details from the case.


R in NYC said...

Why coke gotta be spelled like that?不不不不不
Seriously though....it's sad Jay had to even be involved in drugs.

Anonymous said...

I thought we knew this over 15 years ago.
We gon call this iced tea

Anonymous said...

*Jam Master Jay, not Jam

Anonymous said...

AHH decided to do a story on this right now why? Especially with someone scheduled to come home in a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Well he had to get it from somebody.
You can pick it up in DC, Texas or Mexico. Price May vary though. That’s gangsta.


This has been known but are you trying to link murder to BMF? Meech was known for no violence and deaths becasue it brought unwanted attention. In fact court records showed that an investigator said it took a long time to get them because they were violent and believed everyone should get paid.

Anonymous said...

And water is wet! We knew this way back then!仄‍♂️

Anonymous said...

Kneegrows killing kneegrows. The ancestors wept

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