Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tyrese Leaves Show Early to Avoid Process Server

Last year filmmaker Bryan Barber slapped R&B singer Tyrese with a $10 million defamation of character lawsuit after Tyrese went on The Breakfast Club and accused Barber of bad business practices [click here if you missed that].

Over the weekend Tyrese left the stage in Atlanta in the middle of his set after hearing Barber's process servers were in the building...

From TMZ
Tyrese's legal woes appear to be following him wherever he goes, but he dodged a bullet out in Georgia this past weekend ... bailing on a concert after someone tried serving him.
A video making the rounds online shows the singer serenading a crowd at the Stockbridge Amphitheater a couple days ago ... when a security guard attendant appears to whisper something in his ear while he's in the middle of performing.
Tyrese keeps singing for a bit before abruptly jumping down from the stage and booking it up the side steps towards the exit, telling the crowd he loves them (and continuing to sing!)
Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Tyrese had 3 songs left when he got wind a process server was at the venue to serve him legal papers pertaining to a lawsuit brought by a man named Bryan Barber, who's suing Tyrese for defamation and libel.


R in NYC said...

Lol....he's such a a bish.

Anonymous said...

Why does he try to act like he's hard when he's really weak?! He likes to control and push women around but the moment he's confronted by a man he wants to mediate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Punk azz bish indeed. I can't even understand what any woman finds appealing about this fool.

Anonymous said...

Choco taco

LOLOL said...

They will eventually catch up to him. You can't perform concerts with your name on the marquee and not be found. Simp

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