Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Yeezy Porsche Mystery Deepens

Earlier this month Kanye West's new Porsche was towed away just weeks after its purchase [click here if you missed that]. 

Now sources claim the Porsche was actually a gift for his wife Bianca, though she only drove it a few times before it was confiscated....

From The Sun
Bianca, 29, appeared happy the last time she was photographed driving her new silver Porsche 992 Carrera.
Kanye, 45, had shelled out around $120,000 on the luxury vehicle.
The couple courted plenty of attention in March when they visited a car dealership.
Bianca tested the car wearing Prada shorts and a tan body suit.
Bianca was spotted driving her Porsche solo in the coming weeks through the West Hollywood neighborhood.
"Sadly, Bianca only drove her new car a few times."
Bianca has not been seen driving her Porsche since it was towed on May 1 in Los Angeles.
She parked the gift outside her husband's Yeezy HQ. After heading inside, a company came to remove it.
The Porsche was seen being loaded into a towing truck and driven off.
The reason for the car removal remains unclear.

Fun Fact: The Porsche was towed away on May 1 and Ye was spotted moving out of his Hollywood Hills home about a week later [click here if you missed that]. 


LOLOL said...

Bianca has been watching too many movies/rap videos. When you illegally park, they will tow you away. Read the parking signs Simp.

Chelle said...

Couldn't he have gotten it back by then?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the vehicle was repo'd. Sucks to be Kanye.

R in NYC said...

Snitch the hot Koonye news is he's starting a p*rn video business and half his staff quit.✌️💯🤣

Anonymous said...

I hope Bianca is the star of this new venture!
Can’t wait to see them casaba melons!🍈 🍈

Anonymous said...

That was not his company's building. It was clearly an apartment building where people lived. I don't think it was repo'd but more like the marriage is coming to an end and he confiscated the vehicle. I hope she sues him and gets it back.

Anonymous said...

Word on the curb is they broke up. She was at her new apartment and he had the car confiscated.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they broke up. Her family doesn’t like him anyway, but let’s see if she reappears. I think they split before .

Mouse said...

He wasn’t ugly when he first came out but even his face looks disgusting now

Anonymous said...

@3:14 thank you. That is a shocker. I wonder what the final straw was that made her finally decided to leave.

LOLOL said...

Did they really get legally married or is this a common law arrangement?

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