Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kanye Trying to Stage a Show in Russia?

Two months ago Kanye West was refused his ambitious request to hold a concert at each of The Seven Wonders of the World [click here if you missed that]. 

Now insiders claim Yeezy is exploring options for holding a concert in Russia...

 From The Sun
KANYE West's forlorn search for a venue to host his shows has reached a "desperate" new low.
Predictably, following his sick online rants about Jesus and Hitler which have seen him virtually canceled all over the world, no one wants to stage his music.
A top music industry insider, however, has revealed Kanye has been pushing to stage shows in Russia, as well as some of their allies.
"This idea is so desperate," the industry veteran told The U.S. Sun. "If he can do a show in Russia, it's over for him in many European countries."
He also claims Kanye's team has approached alleged pro-Putin governmental figures in Hungary and Serbia.
The United States recently announced plans to widen the sanctions against Russia, with over 4,000 companies now on a blacklist.
Many European countries have followed suit, meaning any connection to Russian money could be problematic moving forward.


Anonymous said...

I know a n!66a gotta eat, but dang!

Anonymous said...

Hope they bust him for a "crime" and jail him in Moscow

Anonymous said...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! He better research all them laws cause Putin gonna find a way to detail a famous, black, American, rapper

Anonymous said...

Remember when Kanye was running around popping his mouth off like he was untouchable? Look at him now. They showed him better than they could tell him. He is not the boss you all thought he was and never has been. He was placed in a position to make it but he thought it was all him. Based on those court documents, he should be glad he's not in jail. Who is next?

LOLOL said...

That's the perfect place for him to show off those prison cloths he's been wearing/designing.

Anonymous said...

Sway whereya at? You WAS right! :-)

Anonymous said...

He trynna go to jail real bad

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