Monday, June 10, 2024

Megan Thee Stallion Gets Emotional on Stage

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion breaks down in tears on the Tampa, Florida stop of the Hot Girl Summer Tour...

Megan's tearful performance came after an A.I. generated adult movie clip circulated online with Megan's face superimposed on the female participant.

Megan seemingly addressed the viral incident with a vow to get retribution. 


Vernell said...

Baby Huey, Cut It Out!!!

R in NYC said...

Welp...when you put it out there like that being all hyper s**ualized, you gotta expect some blowback. It's not right but that's the type of pervs and weirdos you're going to trigger.

Anonymous said...

i hate to even play into some victim-blamey ish, but ^short of lyte, queen (and their contemporaries), lauryn hill and rapsody, ALL female rappers who've hit mainstream have been overtly s**ual.

and still they don't deserve to have their faces added deep fake corn videos!

not to mention that a woman doesn't have to present s**ually to be objectified.

i hope meg is able to bring whoever is behind this to justice AND get that civil suit payment up out them.

ashy ankle twitter been begging for her attention.

Anonymous said...

I get it. She wants to L👀K like a p0rn star, she just doesn't want to BE SEEN as one.

Anonymous said...

And those tears may be her coming to the realization that she created a persona that's more than she bargained for. Regrets. She's probably having a few.

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