Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Diddy Facing New Civil Lawsuit

Last year Bad Boy Entertainment CEO, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, quickly settled a $30 million lawsuit filed against him by his ex girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, accusing him of horrible acts of abuse [click here if you missed that]. 

Since then multiple people filed their own lawsuits against Diddy [click here here here and here if you missed that], and now there's another...

From TMZ
Diddy hired a former corn star to have six with people at some of his legendary parties, and threatened to blackball her and her model boyfriend if she didn't comply ... according to a new lawsuit she's filed.
Adria English, who says her corn stage name was Omunique, says she first met Diddy around 2004, when her BF was auditioning for a Sean John modeling gig. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Adria claims things got freaky with Diddy right out of the gate.
Adria claims her boyfriend and another model were asked to perform oral six on Diddy in order to get the job. She says her BF refused, but he got a second chance when another Diddy associate offered him the job ... as long as he got Adria to work as a "go-go dancer" at Diddy's upcoming white party in the Hamptons.
She and the boyfriend agreed, and she indeed worked the party over Labor Day weekend 2004 -- the lawsuit includes pics of her there -- and says she subsequently worked other Diddy parties where she regularly had to drink alcohol laced with narcotics like ecstasy, and was encouraged to flirt with guests.
Although she did not have six with guests initially, she claims Diddy "groomed" her into six trafficking over time. Adria claims things ratcheted up when Diddy demanded she have six with Jacob Arabov -- famously known as "Jacob the Jeweler" in hip hop.
According to the suit, filed by attorneys Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, Esq. and Steven Metcalf, Esq., she had "forced sixual intercourse" with him, and then was paid an additional $1,000 on top of what she usually got for working Diddy's parties.
She took a photo with Jacob after the alleged assault, while still at the party ... and claims Diddy himself personally congratulated her for having six with Jacob, as directed, and told her job well done. Jacob is listed as a defendant in the suit.
Adria claims things got worse after that, because she was being "passed off" to other people at Diddy's parties ... and they, too, sixually assaulted her. She's also suing a woman named Tamiko Thomas, who she accuses of facilitating Diddy's six trafficking operation.
In fact, Adria says Tamiko is the Ghislaine Maxwell to Diddy's Jeffrey Epstein.
She also claims Diddy promised to advance her career -- even helping her join a girl group to enter the music business -- but backed it up with forceful demands and threats to blackball her and her BF from the industry if they didn't comply.
She says she eventually did escape and returned to CA in 2009 and believes Diddy blackballed her and her BF as punishment.
Adria claimed she has suffered emotional trauma, including intimacy issues and painful memories, as a result of the alleged six trafficking.
She's suing Diddy, Bad Boy, Tamiko Thomas, "Jacob the Jeweler" and others and seeking unspecified damages.


Anonymous said...

This ish is wild! I have no reason to not believe her. All these years!
And to think that people actually sided with him to blackball her and many others no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Harder to believe a corn star who agreed to accept payment for dancing and having six at parties. Was she really held against her own will and had to escape? She didn’t get the career she wanted from doing it all so …?

Anonymous said...

The damn jeweler, too?

Anonymous said...

This is the jewler that got shout outs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And the hits keep on coming. These losers can't find willing unpaid undrugged women to sleep with. Pathetic. And I'm glad they got "groomed" in quotes. These ppl prostitute themselves for fame. Trying to come up laying on their back. Don't seem to work for most.

Anonymous said...

Dang diddy

Anonymous said...

Dirty is with All the 💩’s!

Kendall said...

He might just beat Cosby's record. He had like 29 lawsuits right? Lmaoooo how many "heres" you got for Cosby Snitch?

LOLOL said...

This is a woman that is salty and wants to bring Dodo Diddy down. I'm all for it but gurl you are stretching with a rubber arm for a lawsuit like Cassie's. You were already getting paid to corn in the movies. Sounds like you and your boi friend were being pimped out for the ride to be famous. You should have gotten it in writing. No h0e contract, no coins.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Im dumb AF, because I don't understand the logic of someone forcing me to have sex, suck dik & have trains run on me?!?

R in NYC said...

Corn star....I can't.....😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

So consent becomes non-consent when life doesn't work out and now you may be able to collect a check. May all the true victims be rewarded and the convenient victims be discarded.

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