Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Game in Danger of Losing Calabasas Mansion

Back in 2016 "She Got Game" contestant Priscilla Rainey was awarded a $7 million judgement after successfully suing rapper Game for sixual harassment after accusing him of fondling her during the taping of his reality dating competition show [click here if you missed that]. 

Priscilla targets Game's Calabasas mansion in her latest effort to collect...

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Rainey served The Game and manager Wack 100 in hopes of seizing the rapper’s property.
A process server sent a notice of levy, writ of execution and more to The Game and Wack 100 on Rainey’s behalf in June. Rainey targeted a house in Calabasas, California.
Both men were listed at the same address. Rainey accused The Game of transferring his home’s deed to Wack 100 to prevent her from seizing it.
AllHipHop previously reported on Rainey subpoenaing The Game’s kids’ school district for proof of residence and attendance records in her collection efforts. She already seized his publishing and label.


Anonymous said...

Girl thing that you can from Diddy's butt-boy! Didn't Evelyn Lozada's bottom feeder daughter get pregnant from this puppy faced dude? Hustling backwards.

Anonymous said...

Get what you can gurl. He's not that smart.

Anonymous said...

He was just telling Tokyo Toni, Blueface mama and Tia Kemp that he wasn’t paying that woman on their AunTea show…now look. Womp womp

R in NYC said...

If keeping your foot on his neck was a person.

Anonymous said...

He should be forced by the courts to pay what he owes because he's a criminal. Otherwise lock him up. He's a Drake fan and a rapist. Don't care what happens to the game

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