Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Landlord Locates NeNe Leakes' Bank Account

Last month it was reported that NeNe Leakes was in danger of being garnished after being sued for back rent by the landlord of her shuttered Swagg boutique [click here if you missed that]. 

The landlord has struck pay dirt ..

NeNe Leakes’ bank account is one step closer to having funds seized after a creditor of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star made serious moves in court, In Touch can exclusively reveal.
According to court documents obtained by In Touch, NeNe’s former landlord, MPG-Sugarloaf, located assets in a bank account owned by the reality star.
The landlord claimed Truist Bank responded to a recent summons demanding answers on whether NeNe, 56, had funds stored at the bank or assets in a safety deposit box.
In the summons, MPG-Sugarloaf instructed Truist Bank “to immediately hold all money, including wages, and other property, except what is known to be exempt, including property in safe deposit boxes or similar property that you hold, belonging to the Defendant named above beginning on the day of service of this summons and including the next five days.”
MPG-Sugarloaf was awarded $25,631 after NeNe failed to respond to a lawsuit it brought in Georgia court over unpaid rent.
In a recent filing, Truist Bank told the landlord it had the full amount requested by the landlord in an account owned by NeNe.
The landlord asked the court to approve the money being seized and transferred to them to pay off the debt owed. A judge has yet to rule. In the initial lawsuit, the landlord claimed to have leased a commercial property to NeNe which she used to open her now-closed Swagg Boutique.
In court documents, the landlord said the lease was signed in 2017. NeNe’s store closed for a period during the pandemic. It reopened for a brief period before closing for good in 2022. MPG-Sugarloaf said NeNe failed to pay $22,000 in rent. The landlord demanded the five-figure sum plus interest.
NeNe denied she was responsible for the debt in a social media post.


R in NYC said...

She's looking real trifling right now. Pay up!

Anonymous said...

She photogenic with makeup on and cosmetics surgery’s

Vernell said...

Whoop, This B!tch Don't Look Very Rich ~ When Someone Had To "SUE Her A$$", To Get Money That She - Ms. NeNe Leaks! Owes Them.......

Anonymous said...

Nene is a NoNo

LOLOL said...

I'm not condoning this, but Yt folks get away with this all the time. I say Bloop

Anonymous said...

She looks very lizard-like.

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