Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Neverland Ranch Saved From Wildfire

Earlier this week there were concerns that Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was in the path of the Santa Barbara wildfire [click here if you missed that]. 

Neverland has been saved...

From TMZ
Capt. Scott Safechuck, spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, tells TMZ the wildfire ... which so far has scorched more than 26,000 acres ... reached the iconic -- and infamous -- Michael Jackson estate.
A damage assessment is currently underway on the sprawling property ... but SS tells TMZ that no major damage appears to have been inflicted ... SS also noted there were no reports of injuries from the crew battling at Neverland.
As TMZ previously reported, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department had a beefed-up crew at the property, along with several trucks and even a fire aircraft at the ready, to combat the blaze. And they did it!
The crew was more than ready ... but it was super helpful that the current Neverland owner ... billionaire businessman Ron Burkle, who purchased it for $22 million in 2020 ... did an excellent job with wildfire mitigation on the property, SS told us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Snitch

Anonymous said...

Grand rising Snitch.
Hope you have a great day.
Now. Where is the tea.

Anonymous said...

Property protection is more important to wighty than life.

Anonymous said...

A Rich YT Man's Property Avoided Disaster

Anonymous said...

Should have burnt it to the ground.

R in NYC said...

Michael's ghost that hunts the property is relieved.🤔🤣

Anonymous said...

Yt 💩

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