Thursday, March 03, 2016

Marlon Wayans Done with Parody Movies

After getting rich on parody films actor Marlon Wayans is done...

The Don't Be a Menace While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood star says it's just too easy to find parody humor online.

Marlon tell The AJC
“It’s closing a chapter. I’m done. I don’t think the audience understands or appreciates this type of parody anymore. On the Internet, it’s parody all the time, a certain type of parody. People can just go on YouTube. For me, I just got to go to other things. Parody is the hardest genre to work.”
Marlon's last parody film 'Fifty Shades of Black' a spoof of the film 'Fifty Shades of Grey' grossed the lowest of all his parody films pulling just $11 million, while his older parody flicks like the Scary Movies series have pulled in over $451 million.