Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ciara Loses Sole Custody Bid

This week news leaked that pop star Ciara and rapper Future had been spotted in court together [click here if you missed that].

Turns out the hearing was over child custody...

According to TMZ Ciara and Future were in court this week because Ciara requested sole custody of their son Future Zaire.

Her request was denied and their joint custody agreement stands.


Anonymous said...

Money talks.

Kitty B. said...

You do what you want when you POPPIN not FLOPPIN

Chrissy Snow said...

Future may be a POS excuse for a man but she chose to lay down and make a baby with him. So now that she and Russell are stunting together she wants to remove the baby's bio father from his life out of spite? That's an evil woman right there. And anyone who thinks I'm wrong, just remember Ciara and the Kardashians are friends.

Kitty B. said...

@1:25 Future takes care of all his kids he even adopted a little boy, this bitch Ciara was cool with the babymother's taking pics and all. Now all of sudden he's not taking care of his kids, CIARA kid to be exact...man that bitch is bitter and is using her kid to paint this main in a bad light....Russell just a pawn in all this and dont even know it smfh...

Anonymous said...

But why the fight for this particular child out 700??? I'll wait

Anonymous said...

Exactly 1:34pm ~ We'll see if Future really steps up the plate now. He officially has no excuse not to.

Anonymous said...

Ciara had every right to fight for sole custody of her child. Even if she didn't win sole custody it's okay as a mother she has the rights to protect her son.Future has a mental illness,drug addicted,alcohol addicted and a low life standards for a man with children. Lies, future take care of his kids future have been taken to court for child support for just about every child that he has dropped that mess this man has another baby after Ciara a baby on the way but it's so easy to find her at fault because of this man trifling lifestyle. You don't have to believe in Ciara it's all about her son now yeah it's future child but future have a responsibility that he neglected being there for the birth of the child, running behind him for child support, putting money before his son, he has made it very clear that money is his first priority not his child. A real father don't do drugs alcohol any harmful things in front of his child. Future stated on the radio station that he has done drugs in front of his children. As a mother you do whatever you have to in order to protect your child even if it's from the father of the child he needs to change his lifestyle. But we know that won't happen because thugs and low life is what he's all about yes even with Millions doesn't matter a of life is a low life.

Anonymous said...

Why was she trying to get sole custody? What has Future done to make her think he's unfit for joint custody? Ciara is a trip.

Anonymous said...

Is anything private anymore? This is pathetic.

My opinion said...

@1:28 I kinda have to agree with you why Now CiCi???

Anonymous said...


This singer should stop listening to her boyfriend. He approaches every competition like it’s a sport where you have to squash your opponent, but in this case that strategy backfired.

She blew it, but it really wasn’t her fault. [Her Boyfriend] told her that if she wanted custody of her kid, she would have to go to war and destroy [Her Ex] in court.

Bad strategy, because the judge wasn’t fooled by her accusations. [Singer] wound up looking like some crazy vindictive b*tch who will say anything to get what she wants. [Her Ex] looked like the calm, reasonable one who is working in the best interest of the kid. Her strategy backfired.

If you’re going to shoot the king, don’t miss. She totally missed on this one… and can expect some future retaliation as a result

Anonymous said...

I don't like Future but I'm glad he still has joint custody. Ciara and Russell come from 2 parent homes, they don't know what it's like to grow up with one or no parents. The home can be happy as hell, but there's always that nagging feeling every now and again. Look at Keyshia, let her be an example. Smh. Hopefully one day, they will see eye to eye and get it together.

Anonymous said...

Future: 1 Ciara: 0

Anonymous said...

We'll see if Pasture takes care of his responsibility now. It’s a shame Ciara had to put a fire under his ass do to it! I thought she was just a bird who was just going to uproot the baby and take pastures money and not have him involved in the child’s life.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with @1:28 and @1:34. Both Ciara and Future are failures as parents and failures at decent human beings.

Anonymous said...

This nigga Future better have lil Baby Russell and all them other lil monsters he had with different bitches all the damn time. Cause this nigga is more focus on being in Ciara's life because she is the one that got away and don't need this mumbling rapping ass.

Anonymous said...

Out of all 70 of his kids he sure is more focus on this one and Ciara, Nigga mad Ciara the only chick that don't need his ass

Girl BYE said...

She's a bitch. She better hope her and Russell make it cause she is going to look like Boo Boo da fool when Russell take them lawyers and that money away.

Anonymous said...

BOTH of them look like they could barely take care of a hamster, let alone a damn child.
I say give custody to her father.

Anonymous said...

Git it in writing, CICI.

Why ain't he hollering about his other 10 baby mommas and his children. It's all about this one, because this one brought him that check he never got with the other 12 mommas!

I see you Future. It ain't about the baby, cuz you got a boatload. It's about you losing probably, the one who could give you the love you need, but you were not ready to stop your womanizing ways. You played along with her, gave her a ring, and when reality hit you-- that you wasn't ready to be married -- you bailed and left her to have her baby alone.

I remember the day the baby was born, and you and your stylist posted photos of your clothes on your bed, as you were touring in some foreign land. You didn't want to be bothered with the baby. It was obvious that you and your stylist was sleeping together.

CiCi found it in herself to call off the engagement, the marriage, etc., but the baby was here. A baby that you wanted nothing to do with.
Ciara has had sole custody of her child since he was three months old.

Now you are FORCED to see your son twice a month. When you don't show up, you will be back in court. And you won't show up. It's not about the baby. You don't want to raise the child with her. You want her in her place with your other 12 baby mommas, but she won't stay in line. You got souped with the sisterwives picture, and got her pregnant. You could have put on a condom, too. But you didn't.

While you threw her away for trash, someone else saw what you threw away. He's got more $$ than you; he has a career, and he's handsome.

You taught Ciara the importance of keeping her goodies in the jar, but she learned a little too late. When she put her goodies back in the jar, Russell was willing to let her heal, to have a relationship not based on sex and going to strip clubs. Now look at them. Now look at you!

When you had to promote your album, you put some baby momma drama in the mix for your ratchet fans who feed off of negativity. CiCi shut you down, and now you MUST see your son twice a month, otherwise you will be back in court.

Actions speak louder than words. Ciara is your lost one.

and you mad, bruh -- you and your followers.

Ciara has class, is beautiful, though you broke her heart because she thought she was THE ONE and you showed her and told her she was not by your refusal to even be there for the birth of your son.

You should be happy that your son has such an awesome mom, even though you want no part of her!

To Ciara: do what you have to do to protect our child. At the end of the day, only your children will ride or die for you. Your children and the Lord, who has so richly blessed you! Social media loves jumping in the kool aid, but you've got good people around you, your family and a man who truly loves you!

Now you gonna say you can't see your son because you're touring and strip clubs, etc., but time is gonna tell . . . trust me, you will NOT be seeing this child twice a month, so its off to court you will be going.

Your trash is Russell's treasure, and you can't compete.

And THAT'S why u mad, bruh!

PERIOD said...

The Facts

Ciara has had sole physical custody since Future Zahir was 3 months old and Future has had visitation which they were to work out between each other.

When communications broke down, Ciara filed for the courts to set a visitation schedule.

Future responded by requesting full custody. .

The courts decided that Future and Ciara have Joint Legal Custody which gave him the right to be involved in decisions (i.e. Medical school et al). However, physical custody is to remain the same since both parents live in 2 different states (and joint physical custody is virtually impossible) and was deemed in the best interest of Future Zahir.


Angela Peterson said...

This is not about who's right or wrong. This is about the BABY who has a right to see BOTH parents. If he's all these bad things, then why have a baby with him? I'm tired of seeing kids who one parent is mad at the other now wants to ply games in court. STOP RAISING DAMAGED KIDS, WHO DON'T GET TO SEE BOTH PARENTS. She can't rewrite the history. She wanted him, now she has him. Flaws and all, their raising a child together. She knew he had other kids and baby mommas. You can't change the situation or cry foul once it doesn't suit your needs.

period said...

anybody can make a baby, boo! It's not rocket science. having two parents is no guarantee of anything. kids have parents who die. kids have parents who live together who hate each other. don't get righteously indignant, hon.

it is what it is. Future could have put on a condom, too!

No, you make the necessary adjustments, though, in the best interest of your child. Mamma's baby, pappa's maybe.

Why you pressed? He gets to see his baby twice a month! We shall see if he keeps his word.

Babies don't choose their parents. He does have the right to see both rights, but Ciara has the right to protect herself and her baby from all this nonsense.

Again, he's not raising hell about his other children? why? because the others have fallen line and Ciara is her own woman!



Anonymous said...

hmmm, what's this? after Ciara could not pin him down, he did what? he did this

Future responded by requesting full custody. .

does he have full custody of any of his other children?

so he tried her, now he has a court order to see his son twice a month


JDent said...

Future got what he already had. Twice a month visitation. They go back to court again for joint custody or supervised visitation.

Bitch still sanging bout weed and lean. I'd be in court too. Baby visit his ass come back with a habit and the munchies.

Bitch just mad cause Ci made a significant upgrade. And still the nigga on the block scared folks will see his trifling ass for what he is NOT SHIT.


Honey Bun said...

if I were Ciara I would try to erase that kneegrow out of my life too!

Anonymous said...

@221 unfortunately, Ciara knew all about Future before she laid down with him and decided to make him her child father. it is what is it. now she has to deal with this ghetto negro for 18 years. her choice, her life.

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