Monday, March 27, 2017

Bernice Bergos Snaps Over Home Wrecker Label

Last week Atlanta rapper T.I.'s estranged wife Tiny Harris blasted his current girlfriend, video vixen Bernice Bergos, labeling her a pass-around b**ch and a side chick [click here if you missed that].

Bernice has had enough...

After a rumor about a previous home wrecking circulated online Bernice went clean tf off.



Anonymous said...

She's cute leave her alone a home can't be wrecked if it's already broken.

Anonymous said...

Why she ain't @ Tiny tho....? ��

Sunni Daze said...

^^^^ Because she would have been ethered. flat out until the DIVORCE papers are signed you are still fucking married, separations don't mean shit a couple can separate and still ocupy the same home (probably still fucking on cold nights)and with kids involved especially a 1yr old, she looks like a home wrecker.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD for weave and make up and shut up hoe he's still married!

Anonymous said...

Why would she @ someone when she has what she wants---her ex man. Divorce--like marriage--is just a piece of paper. If the marriage is ova no need to wait for ink on paper to dry, if you've moved on God knows your heart.

Anonymous said...

So what if he's still married (call me a 'ho' and see if I care). Don't blame me if you can't keep your man.

Signed, the other woman.

Anonymous said...

Damn ole girl looks just like that Olivia chick that used to be with 50

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt Tiny is worried about this cum dumpster.

Anonymous said...

And the moral of the tweet is.... that she is a home wrecking passed around hoe.

Felicia said...

Isn't TI married??? 😐

She's gorgeous though!!!

What happened to the other escort he was escorting around..

And pass around could mean, Tiny and TI had her..😐

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tiny is mad that he left her for the same woman she slept with. Funny she went at T.I's new chic and not the girl that had his baby. Or maybe, TI didn't want to share Bernice with Tiny. Tiny seems obsessed that she couldn't have her the way TI did. He left you Tiny, do better

Anonymous said...

@ 1049 of you had that attitude and was trying to get it mess with my husband bc they're still married me calling you a how would be the least of your worries. I'll be straight dog walking your smut ass and have my bail money on deck. See it bitches like I that talk shit but be on mute when confronted by the wife. My sista went thru this shit and trust that after that ass whooping the how wrote my sista on FB apologizing saying she didn't know he was in a relationship and had a family... Point of this story get your own and change your attitude b4 you get ducked up by a real woman.

Krysi Johnson said...

When Tiny finish "seperating" dem funds, the topic of conversation will go as follows:

"ain no side hoe bih"
"pass around? bih where"
"I love my wife, thank GOD for 2nd chances"


Anonymous said...

Real Marriage is sacred and not in the paper imo. They desecrated it by bringing other into the marriage bed as that lifestyle only brings negative energy. It is what it is pray for the kids.

Ritchie Azard said...

@1:58 TRUTH. Those that say marriage is just a piece paper is either, bitter, divorced, never been married and/or don't fear God.

Marriage is sacred and the vows you make are to God not your bride/groom.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because she contradicts herself. She's claiming to not be a homewrecker bc the home is already broke. She's trying to justify this whole mess and she's way too old for this. Talking to/flirting/messing with/f**kin married men are mistakes some women make in their 20s. When you are 30+, you have no excuse. You just don't care and don't have the same morals and values as some others.

Who even wants all this kind of drama and negative energy? BIRDS, that's who. A mess lol

Anonymous said...

It's sad how you dumb birds are giving this ghetto slut a pass because she is "pretty" and Tiny is not that attractive to you guys. Looks mean nothing when the inside is ugly and this Bernice whore seems very ugly on the inside.

Anonymous said...

@2:25 i feel you but you non- believer's don't fear God nor respect his word...
So consider that

@1:27 i have known of 3 women who chose to beat up the side chick that their husband's were screwing and guess what...

When the dust settled those men CONTINUED to have sexual relationships with thode same women. They just tried to be more discreet but the truth came out anyway.

Fighting is not the answer.
That hoe will keep right on screwing him out of spite.

On topic:

All this chick had to say was
" I'm not screwing TI ".
BUT she didn't.

The trutb is simple.
Lies are complicated.

Yes she is beautiful BUT looks like its only skin deep.
Because her other option was to say nothing at all.

Character+ Beauty is a plus

But immorality takes away from any women's beauty

Anonymous said...

^^^TRUTH is simple

Compassionate Rebel said...

Women kill me being angry at the woman? What about your man? In this case Tip. He been doing this type of shit to his wife for years. Tiny ain't no victim and the women Tip chooses to spend his time with ain't hoes. It seems perhaps this was a mutual understanding amongst adults. Did you ever think maybe Tiny just tired of that shit, hence the filing of divorce? Most of the time as women we know what the fuck we got it's weather we choose to acknowledge it or not. In my opinion that's not any one else's responsibility.

WiserWords2 said...

Bernice is right! A broken family starts with the FAMILY MEMBERS.

Anonymous said...

If i filed for divorce on my husband I wouldn't expect him or I to be single until it was finalized. It would be courteous but definitely cant be mandated. Tiny doesn't want to divorce TI and has no desire to be out of his life. If they do divorce she will make his new wife miserable. She is a cancer female they don't go away quietly.

Anonymous said...

Tiny messed up by "Threatening" TI with Divorce. It only showed her desperation for his attention.

Ladies...Never make a threat to a man unless you will definitely go through with it !

If you don't ...
You become a joke
They maintain control (which TI Loves)
You won't get what you want

It's like pulling out a gun with NO bullets

Bad move.

The women TI chooses to mess with are at fault to degree BUT ultimately TI is to blame because he made those vows.

Tiny choosing to antagonize & provoke her did a disservice to herself.

She is being passive aggressive to get a reaction from her or TI

Looks like TI ain't returning Tiny's calls or giving her the time of day.

If he was, there would be no need for these antics on Tiny's part.

She is embarrassing HERSELF.

You can't shame a whore...
They are shameless.

TI & Bernice are both whores.

prissa o said...

@4:05 & 6:14


Anonymous said...

Looks like Tiny ain't missing toooo much sleep she bought her mansion over two years ago, it's clear they were sleeping together or Heiress wouldn't be here.

Let's not pretend TIP hasnt't gone after Floyd a few times himself. Checked out? Wtf you fighting and coming for her side nigga publicly and on social media when you have "bad" side bitches?

Anonymous said...

One of Tiny's FIRST mistakes was letting his insecure ass tell her when/if she could work! TF? NEVER, ever TOTALLY lose yourself in a spouse and/or kids, good thing she finally realized that she needed to branch out more from him separately!

She is owed from but doesn't need shit from Tip! There is to much good dick on every street corner in America for her to be dicktimized so it's not the sex. She doesn't need his money, because trust and believe she could have half! She must really love his scrawny ass!!

One thing I will say, "there is not one bitch with good passed over pussy that will make him be faithul and marry them after their divorce"! They better enjoy the perks while they last!

Anonymous said...

@12:16... aka "my fan / frenemy"

You continue to try and live vicariously through expressing your Intense Anger at side chicks and how you feel that their "p*ssies" don't have value...

Men LOVE variety...
This is why they cbeat.

You do NOT know what the future holds for any of them or TI

So you can only speculate
OR state your Wishes.

I totally get your frustration

But only God is in control

But i do agree with you that Tiny 1st mistake was letting him control her work.

That was all about Control.

But she allowed it

BTW she moved out to escape feeling deserted because TI moved out first...

Also the FIRST time Tiny used Floyd M...
TI stepped up because he was embarrassed so it was more about HIS pride / brand

But as of late he has walked the carper with other females, allowed pics AND was seen on other public outings with them.

Men only do this mess blatantly when they are not emotionally invested anymore

It is Right in her Face
& plain for all to see

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^Where did I come for the pass around, side chick? All I said is that he would not marry her and he won't! Girl bye he took ONE picture with a chick!! Like I said, TIP's insecure ass has gunned for Floyd more than a few times in the last 3 years! Your illogic thinking is stupid, yes he did get his own place but he kept coming back when he wanted to to the marital home so she left that house and got her own shit!

Come back in 5 years and I can guarantee you he will not be married and IF by a 1% chance that he does it won't be to this pass around thot!! #FACT

She's obviously checked out too, after this divorce clears, watch how fast she publicly shows she's moved on!

Anonymous said...

@ #1 fan

*Deep Sigh*

Honestly, my heart goes out to you because the more you come for those of us in the Reality- Based Community who base our opinions on reality...the more I realize that YOU truly are in a sjtuation similar to Tiny's.

That's why you are taking these comments so personal.

There is no other Logical reason why it would piss you off and make you so emotional.

So with that in mind, I'm going to try to go easy on you.

#1 When TI moved out to his own bachelor pad, he claimed it was so that he could be "closer" to the studio. ( Yeah OK )

Then pictures surface on- line with TI and an unknown female with a plate of breakfast that TI cooked for her... on Mothers Day at that...

Tiny responded by putting a pic on-line of her holding a stack of cash while hugging her young son

( TI was No where in sight)

#2 Why would a married man walk the carpet with another woman and take pics with her SMILING ?

#3 If TI was spending any time AT ALL with Tiny then why does she have time to troll his side chicks ?

#4 Why did Tiny RECENTLY make a video saying that "TI needs to come on back to her" ?

#5 She made that video while on the way to see his see his most recent movie.
Why didn't he take her to the Opening Night himself ?

These are all Valid questions.

Can you please provide Logical answers WITHOUT re- writing history OR grabbing at straws ?

I'm sure that you can not...

BTW You DO NOT know the future.

Steve Harvey married a chick who was his side chick with an immoral past

Kim K did the ultimate ON TAPE
Yet she has been married twice

Evelyn Lazodo...married 2 or 3 times

Just to name a few...

My point is that just bacause a woman has an immoral past there is NO guarantee that her past will block her from getting married.

YOU don't get to be the Judge. #Fact

Stop fooling yourself.

Your arguments are so flawed that i feel compelled to expose you / help you

Anonymous said...

@9:03- Fan? Ctfu! I really think you are a bipolar stalker, you were the ONE who @ me, my comment wasn't meant for anyone. This will be my LAST time addressing you because you are Amanda Bynes crazy!

Tiny and Tip have that Yvette and Jody type of DUMB. ghetto love; like someone said above, "they will ALWAYS continue to fuck each other". Every chick you named had a man claiming them Honice has not and NEVER will, pics and social media (95% via hers) is all she will ever be acknowledged in/for!

I'm not saying people with immoral pasts don't get married, hell I'm living proof that they do! I dated two ballers before my husband, there is very little that can be worse than benefiting a nice lifestyle off an addict and taking away from their family and being a contribution to the demise of sober, strong black women, men, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers etc... It's not about being immoral and CHANGING for the better but she is too damn old to have a side chick mentality!

I had the same mindset as the side chick fucking a married man "your husband took vows and is at fault= I'm not the one actually selling the drugs the blood is on his hands"! I was in my late teens- early 20's and wrong!! I don't think there is anyone on this site that has sinned more than I have (Even though I've never slept around) so I'm not judging from the standpoint of view that you think I am!

He's not going to be with this tramp. ALL of his side chicks have pictures like hers above but the minute Tiny posted a pic in a sports bra and workout pants; this nigga had something to say in her comments. He doesn't gaf about his "bad bitches" taking pics and showing their bodies off but he didn't want Tiny showing her body off to anyone else? TF?

Sorry this is long but it's my last reply to you; I refuse to go back and forth so I gladly throw in the white towel! Have a good life!

Sorry for the typos but you get the jest!

Anonymous said...


#1 Girl aint nobody reading all that LoLoL

BUT you gave my thumb a great work it scrolling past that crap so i could comment back AFTER a good Laugh.

You are 3 for 3 now.
So i can count on you.

Just based on the first 3 sentences it was clear that you are STILL trying to

DEFLECT & PROJECT yourself onto me

All because I tell the truth and it gets under your skin...hence your UNread Novel

All for little ole me ???

You shouldn't have : )

But i get it....

You're pissed because i figured out immediately that you WORK for RWS.

So you're defending yourself to my ANONYMOUS comments because of your pride and because your Embarrassed that your "co- workers" can see this. LOLOLOL

Im FAR from crazy & YOU know it,
That's why you desperately search for my IP address and give that keyboard a Work Out.

You're crazy if you think you're fooling me

But as always....

Thanks for the Laugh ( Seriously)

Buh-Bye now...LoLoLoL

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